Birth: 05 AUG 1764  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son:  27 MAY 1792
Name:  John B. Weiny

Birth of Son:  08 SEP 1794
Name:  Jacob Winey

Birth of Son:  27 FEB 1796
Name:  Amos Winey

Moved to:  Dauphin, Lebanon Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter:  18 OCT 1797
Name:  Catarina Winey

Birth of Son:  ABT 1798
Name:  Henry Winey

Birth of Daughter:  22 FEB 1800
Name:  Elizabeth Winey

Birth of Son:  04 DEC 1804
Name:  Philip Winey

Birth of Daughter:  01 DEC 1806
Name:  Susanna Winey

Birth of Daughter:  1807
Name:  Anna Winey

Birth of Daughter:  1809
Name:  Mary Winey

Moved to:  1812
Place:  Richfield, Snyder Co, Pennsylvania
Note:  Built a log cabin at the foot of Shade Mountain.

Birth of Son:  28 FEB 1812
Name:  Isaac Winey

Birth of Son:  1813
Name:  David Winey

Birth of Son:  1815
Name:  Joseph Winey

Religion: According to all sources, Jacob was a Lutheran. However, many of his children joined the Mennonite church after the move to Richfield. Several of his children married Graybill’s, a prominent Mennonite family who were the first settlers of Richfield.

Note: His wife, Anna, died in 1843. After her death, Jacob moved in with his son Jacob who lived nearby.

Death: 1844  Richfield, Pennsylvania

Burial: Crossroads Cemetery, Perry Twp, Snyder Co, Pennsylvania

Click here to see parents:  Jacob Weiney and Maria Veronica Utterich

In his youth, Jacob was said to have had red and curly hair, although it was snowy white in later years. It was said by those who knew him that Jacob was a man of strong individuality, was well-read in the Bible, and had a remarkable memory and constitution. He was heavily built, though not very tall. It was likely that he was some above medium height. He was quite talkative, of robust health, and fresh looking. When he was about 60 he broke his leg, and ever after that he walked with two canes.

A Jacob Benner wrote: “My father says that Jacob Winey was a man of great contentment, was not meddlesome, and was satisfied with his lot. I remember when I was about 13 years old and he and I would mend fence. I was hired to Uncle Isaac. He would not wish for more of the world. People would hold him as a model of contentment.”

In a letter from Caleb Winey (great-grandson) to Cloyd Winey (great-grandson) written in 1903: He seems to have had quite a good education for his time. He had a wonderful memory and was well-versed in the Scriptures. He must have had a logical turn of mind as inferred from this: when someone would argue about doubtful things concerning religion, he would refer to Ephesians 3:19, “Christians Lieb haben ist besser den alles wessen.” (To love Christ is better than to know everything.) He seems to have been of a humorous disposition, which is probably the reason that so many Wineys are jokers. When folks were planning or scheming about something great or impossible, he would say, “Many a little bird will sing that has no mouth yet before that will happen.” He seems to have been a man of strong impulses combined with force of character. Religion-wise he seems to have been a Lutheran, although one report says that he may have been a Winnebrennarian which may now be called Church of God.

Anna Keeler     

Birth: 07 NOV 1769 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 NOV 1843

Burial: Crossroads Cemetery, Perry Twp, Snyder Co, Pennsylvania

parents are unknown

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