Birth:  1588  Berkshire, England

Birth of Daughter:  1618
Name:  Mary Barber

Birth of Son:  1619
Name:  William Barber

Birth of Son:  1620
Name:  James Barber

Birth of Daughter:  1624
Name:  Elizabeth Barber

Birth of Son:  1626
Name:  Joseph Barber

Birth of Daughter:  1628
Name:  Patience Barber

Immigration:  1633
Details:  From England to the harbor area of Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Moved to:  1635
Place:  From Massachustees Bay Colony to the area of the future Town of Newport on Acquidneck Island in the future Rhode Island & Providence Plantations.

Death:  1648  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Barber Lot, Exeter, Washington Co, Rhode Island

parents are Thomas Barber and ?


parents are unknown

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