Birth:  21 FEB 1650/51  Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  03 DEC 1674
Name:  Mary Stevens

Birth of Son:  11 OCT 1676
Name:  James Stevens

Birth of Daughter:  08 APR 1679
Name:  Hannah Stevens

Birth of Daughter:  20 FEB 1679/80
Name:  Sarah Stevens

Birth of Daughter:  24 APR 1683
Name:  Patience Stevens

Birth of Daughter:  06 MAR 1683/84
Name:  Mercy Stevens

Death:  1695 at sea

Click here for parents:  Thomas Stevens and Mary Fletcher

Mary Wakeley     

Birth:  1657  Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Land Rec:  12 MAR 1724/25
Details:  Widow, Mary Stevens, conveyed lands to her son, James Stevens of Killingworth, son Robert Chapman of East Haddam, son Thomas Sanford of Fairfield, son Daniel Baldwin of Milford, daughter Mercy Stevens of Killingworth, and daughter Sarah Rogers of New London.

Death:  30 APR 1729  Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Old Killingworth Cemetery, Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Note:  Administration on the estate of Mary Stevens was granted 18 NOV 1729 to James Stevens.  On 01 JUL 1737, distribution was ordered to the sons and daughters, the daughters being named as Mary Chapman, Hannah Sanford, Sarah Rogers, Patience Baldwin, and Mercy Turney.

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