Birth: ABT 1600

Birth of Son:  1620
Name: Henry Wakeley

Land Rec: FEB 1639/40
Details:  Owned land in Hartford, Connecticut

Marriage:  05 OCT 1652 to Alice, widow of James Boosey

Served on Several Juries:  1655 – 1662

Constable: MAR 1656/57
Place: Wethersfield, Connecticut

Note: BEF JAN 1663
Details: Fled from his wife and children to Rhode Island.

Note: MAY 1663
Details: Had a power of attorney from James.  It seems that James had forfeited a bond of 150 pounds which he had given for his appearance, and his housing and his land were ordered sold.  He had been accused of a capital crime, presumably witchcraft.

Note: Attempts of James and Alice to divorce each other were unsuccessful.

Note:  1681
Details:  He petitioned vainly for the remission of his forfeiture.

Note: Was living in Providence, Rhode Island as late as 1690.


parents are unknown

Alice Boosey    


Death:  30 AUG 1683  Wethersfield, Connecticut

parents are unknown

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