Birth:  ABT 1697  Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

Name Var:  Hannes
Note:   Johannes Schneider or, as tradition has it, Johannes Jacob Schneider, to distinguish him from his relative who happened to have the same name, Jacob being added to know that he was Jacob’s (his father’s name) “Hans” and not Michael’s (his uncle’s) “Hans.”

Note:  In examining the “Colonial Records” of Philadelphia we find that quite a number of Schneiders came from various parts of central Europe and settled in Pennsylvania.

Birth of Son: 02 APR 1727
Name:  Jacob Schneider
Place:  Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

Birth of Son:  Christian Schneider

Immigration:  Immigrated on the “Harle” of London
Details:  Owing to his strict adherence to the Protestant faith he was subjected to the same tests and fiery persecutions as what his co-religionists were. Early in the year 1736 he left his native home and set sail, with others, for London, England, thence to America where they landed in August of the same year and were naturalized a few days later.  In volume NO. 4, page 59, we find that one hundred and fifty emigrants from the Palatinate (Pfaltz) and other places of Europe came in the vessel “Harle” of London. Among this number we find the progenitor, Johannes Schneider.

Note:  SEP 1736
Details:  Old “Hannes” (Johannes) were qualified, i.e. because citizens of Pennsylvania and subject to the Crown, His Majesty King George II, in September, 1736.

Moved to:  Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
Details:  In September he with his wife and family moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where they settled on a large tract of land.

Death:  unknown

parents are unknown


Susannah Bauman     



parents are unknown

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