Born: ABT 1647

Immigration:  BEF 1667
Note:  John Austin, immigrant ancestor of this family, settled at New Haven, Connecticut, before 1667.

Land Record:  1667
Note:  “In 1667 William Fowler, of Milford, sold some of his land at the cove (Solitary cove, now called Morris Cove) and on the creek which still bears his name, to John Austin. The latter was in East Haven as early as 1673, and in 1679 obtained land at the Forge dam. He lived on the road west of the “green”.” “north side of the green, between John Potter and John Austin”

1st Marriage:  05 NOV 1667  to Mercy Atwater in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Note:  FEB 1668
Details:  In a early Feb. 1668 New Haven town meeting, “The Committee formerly appointed for y new feating of perfons in y meeting houfe pfented what they had done, which was read to the towne & is as ffolloweth: “. The senior members set in the first nine rows ” y long feates”. Then came the middle, and last the Gallery. John Auftin sat in the third row of five in the Gallery. ” There being noe gallery for women, they was not now feated”

Census:  1669
Note:  Appears in 1669 Census with David Atwater in New Haven

Birth of Son:  23 APR 1669
Name:  John Austin

Note:  ABT 1670
Details:  John Austen listed as one of the original proprietors of Wallingford. However, since he was not a house owner in the town when it was laid out, the Wallingford Bi-centennial Comm. did not list John as a founder.

Birth of Son:  23 FEB 1671
Name:   David Austin

Note:  25 NOV 1672
Details:  “At a towne meeting held att Newhaven November 25 1672 – ” The towne was informed y it was time for choofeing of new conftables, y former confiables yeare being up; …. and John Auftin att y iron-workes, all for y yeare enfueing. “

Birth of Son:  03 SEP 1673
Name:  Joshua Austin

Note:  27 Dec 1673
Details:  The will of Mary Osborn ( previously widow Mary Jones) gave most of her est. to her two sons John and David, and to John Austin and his wife Mercy.

Birth of Daughter:  1675
Name:  Mercy Austin

Land Rec:  1676
Details:  In 1676 William Fowler confirmed by dead to John land he had previously bought of widow Jones in Stoney-river. John Austin appears on record in 1673, and six years after obtained a piece of land overflowed by the Forge pond. He built on the north side of the road, west of the Green.

Birth of Son:  14 OCT 1677
Name:  John Austin

Birth of Daughter:  14 OCT 1677
Name:  Hannah Austin

Birth of Daughter:  17 APR 1680
Name:  Mercy Austin

Birth of Child:  05 APR 1683
Name:  ? Austin

Land Rec:  1683
Details:   ” The village granted lands in 1683 to John Chidsey and Joseph Russell, both on the north side of the present green. In the same year an allotment of lands was made, after the New Haven method, viz.: 20 acres to each family: 4 acres to each child of the family: and 20 acres for each 100 (pounds) in the list. … The persons to whom lands were allotted were: John Austin, …”

2nd Marriage:  21 Jan 1683/84 to Elizabeth Barnes in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  23 JAN 1685
Name:  Sarah Austin

Land Rec:  04 MAR 1686
Details:   John Austin, John Potter and Deacon John Chedsey obtained liberty of New-Haven to buy one quarter of an acre of the Indians land at the Ferry place, to build housing for their horses, when they went to New-Haven. They obtained a deed for the land, which was signed by Narranshanott, George Sagamore, Maug, and Kehow. They paid six shillings for it, and afterwards called it Stable point.

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1687
Name:  Elizabeth Austin

Death:  22 FEB 1690  New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Parents are ? and Mary Osborn

Mercy Atwater     

Born:  29 FEB 1647/48  New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Died:  14 APR 1683  East Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

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