Birth: possibly Dorchester, England

Occupation: Brickmaker and farmer

1st Marriage:  to unknown

Birth of Son:  ABT 1630
Name: Joseph Benham
Place: New Haven, Connecticut

Immigration: 03 MAY 1630
Details: Sailed from Plymouth, England in the Ship “Mary and John”, March 20, 1630, and arrived at Nantasket Point on May 30, 1630.  Next day Captain Squib put them on shore and left them. By the aid of planters they obtained a boat and went up the Charles River to a place called Watertown, where they landed. They found a neck of land at Mattapan and removed there naming their town Dorchester. They had many cattle. John’s two sons John and Joseph probably came with him.

Note:  In 1639 he and his sons came with the original colony of Eaton and Davenport to New Haven, he being one of the 70 heads of families that settled that place. To him was assigned one each of the four acre house lots and sixteen acre out lots set off to those first principal colonists.

Lived in:  1640  in New Haven
Details: In a compilation of New Haven families and estates, undated but from about 1640, John Benham appears with a household of five, and an estate estimated at £70, paying a rate of 12s. 4«d.; he had received sixteen acres in the first division, twenty-four in the second, three acres and a fraction in the neck, and six acres of meadow

Fined: 04 JAN 1643/44 and 07 SEP 1652
Details: Fined for having a defective gun

Note: 04 NOV 1651
Details: Absent from training

Land Rec: 05 FEB 1655/56
Details: At the court held at New Haven, the following transaction was recorded: “John Benham Senior passeth over to his son Joseph Benham all the accommodations which belonged to that lot which was at first given him by the town, next the lot of Thomas Nash which he lately sold to Robert Talmage”

Note:  28 JUL 1656
Details: John Benham, Senior, being lame in his arm and having lost one of his thumbs, was upon his desire freed from training

2nd Marriage: 16 NOV 1660 to Margery Alcock (widow)

Death: 1661  Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Inventory:  03 JAN 1661/62
Details: Page 485 Inventory of estate, (of John Benham 3rd of 11th mo. 1661)(Jan. 1662, recorded May 6, 1662) This inventory appears in 1:117 of the NEW HAVEN PROBATE records, also, as taken 3rd of 11th Mo. 1662. Much of the record is illegible. The inventory included: Halfe ye dewelling house and halfe ye house lott, halfe ye land in ye quarter yt belong to the house and two acres fo meadow – – – 33.00.00. One feather bed, one bolster, one old blanket – – 05.02.00 One old trunk – -old hogshead, one old barrell – – 4 hopps, 1 pillyan, one frying pan, one small – – – a payre of tongs, 2 andirons, one payre of pothangers, one pitch fork, one old axe, one wedge – – – one iron skillet,- – – of old pweter, – – of lead, on bray – – one wooden, one wooden mortar, one payle, pump irons, 12 – – 2 Bibles, 1 old musket, 1 sword, halfe ye – -, one iron pot, one dun mare one black oxe – – 16.00.00. One black horse fifound, halfe belongs to this estate, one barrel of porks, one bush of wheat, one bush of iyan(?), one old axe, one old bor- – -. The estate OW 09.05.00 The estate IV about 59.13.90 Thomas Munson and Jon Herriman, appraisers.

Parents are unknown




Note:  10 MAR 1646/47
Details:  “Sister Benham” appears in the 10 March 1646/7 seating of the New Haven meetinghouse

Note:  11 FEB 1655/56
Details: “Goodwife Benham the elder” in the seating

Death: 1660

Parents are unknown

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