Birth:  02 FEB 1562  (baptized) Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

Lived in:  1562-1617  in Daventry

Note:  He became a blacksmith and moved to the parish before his first marriage, which is not recorded.

Birth of Son:  1588
Name:  Thomas Bliss

Birth of Son:  1591
Name:  George Bliss

Birth of Daughter:  1593
Name:  Agnes Bliss

Birth of Daughter:  1595
Name:  Joan Bliss

Birth of Daughter:  1597
Name:  Constance Bliss

Birth of Daughter:  1599
Name:  Elizabeth Bliss

Lived in:  1612-1617  in Little Preston

2nd Marriage:  06 AUG 1614 to Alice Smith in Preston Capes, England

Birth of Son:  1615-1617
Name:  John Bliss

Will:  08 SEP 1617
Details:  In his will, signed on 8 Sep 1617, John made the following bequests:
– 6d each to his children Thomas, George, Agnes, Joan, Constance, Elizabeth and John
– that his brother-in-law, Peter SMITH and his son Thomas be overseers of his will
– the residue to his wife whom he also named as sole executrix of his estate

Death:  SEP 1617  Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

Burial:  08 SEP 1617  St. Peter and St. Paul Churchyard,
Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

Probate:  11 OCT 1617
Details:  Granted to Alice Bliss

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