Baptism:  21 SEP 1602  Chelmsford, Essex, England

Marriage: 19 NOV 1626  Halstead, Essex, England

Birth of Daughter:  19 Dec 1633
Name:  Dorcas Bronson

Immigration:  ABT 1633 from England to Cambridge, Massacusetts

Birth of Daughter:  12 DEC 1627 (baptism)
Name:  Mary Bronson

Birth of Daughter:  1629
Name:  Sarah Bronson

Birth of Son:  28 DEC 1631 (baptism)
Name: John Bronson

Immigration:  08 OCT 1635
Details:  John accompanied his brother Richard and sister Mary aboard the ship “Defense”, landing in Boston, Massachusetts, on 8 October 1635.

Moved to:  1636
Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts to Hartford, Connecticut

Military:  1637
Details:  John was a soldier in the bloody Pequot battle of 1637.

Note:  1639
Details:  He is not named among the proprietors of Hartford in the land division of 1639; but is mentioned in the same year in the list of settlers, who, by the “towne’s courtesie” had liberty “to getch woode and keepe swine or cowes on the common.” His house lot was in the “soldiers field,” so called, in the north part of the old village of Hartford, on the ” Neck Road” (supposed to have been given for service in the Pequot war,) where he lived in 1640.  (“John Bronson” is inscribed on the left sunlit side of rock at right)

Birth of Son:  ABT 1640
Name: Jacob Bronson

Moved to:  1641
Place: Hartford, Connecticut to Farmington, Connecticut

Birth of Son:  07 Dec 1645
Name: Isaac Bronson

Birth of Son:  28 NOV 1647
Name: Abraham Bronson

Religion:  13 OCT 1652
Details: Mr. Rodger Newton, Stephen Hart, Thomas Judd, John Bronson, John Coll, Thomas Thompson and Robert Porter, joined in Church Covenant, in Farmington.

Death:  1680  Farmington, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Parents are Roger Bronson and Mary Underwood

Frances Hill     

Baptized:   Halsted, Essex, England

Death: BET 1690-93 Farmington, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Parents are William Hills and ?


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