Birth: unknown

Name Var: Cornwell
Note: The actual birth records of his children states his last name as Cornwell. But according to The Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants of Middletown, Connecticut and research of the Historical Society Cornwall Massachusetts founding Fathers, the Doolittle and Cornwall families have over 20 Sources where it is spelled Cornwall and the town of Cornwall is named after this family.

Marriage: 08 JUN 1665 in Middleton, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: 30 NOV 1666
Name: Mary Cornwall

Birth of Daughter: 13 AUG 1669
Name: Martha Cornwall

Birth of Son: 13 AUG 1671
Name: John Cornwall

Birth of Son: 17 AUG 1673
Name: William Cornwall

Birth of Son: 17 AUG 1673
Name: Paul Cornwall

Birth of Daughter: 15 SEP 1677
Name: Hannah Cornwall

Birth of Son: 05 OCT 1679
Name: Joseph Cornwall

Birth of Daughter: 01 MAR 1682
Name: Thankful Cornwall

Birth of Daughter: 26 JUL 1685
Name: Thankful Cornwall

Birth of Son: 23 DEC 1688
Name: Benjamin Cornwall

Death: unknown

Parents are unknown

Martha Peck

Birth: 1641 Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut

Death: 01 MAR 1708 Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut

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