Birth: 1745  Bern Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania

Marriage: ABT 1768

Lived:  1768 – 1773
Details: on the family farm along the Conewago Creek, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son: 22 FEB 1769
Name:  Abram Epler
Place:  Derry Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Occupation: 1771
Details: constable

Birth of Son: ABT 1771
Name:  Christian Epler
Place:  Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter: 02 MAY 1772
Name: Maria B. Epler

Birth of Son: 01 JAN 1774
Name:  John Epler
Place:  Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania

Death: OCT 1773  Pennsylvania

Parents are Adam Epler and ?

Mary Pheil     

Birth: ABT 1749  Pennsylvania

2nd Marriage: AFT 1773  to Mr. Riddle

Birth of Daughter: Nance Riddle

Parents are unknown

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