Birth:  1606

Birth of Daughter:  18 MAY 1630
Name:  Mary Fletcher
Place:  Suffolk, England

Immigration:  BEF 1635 to Watertown, Massachusetts

Moved to:  Wethersfield, Connecticut

Marriage:  to Mary Ward

Birth of Daughter:  1637
Name:  Rebecca Fletcher

Moved to:  Milford, Connecticut

Religion:  1641
Details:  Joined the Milford Church where he served as a deacon.

Birth of Daughter:  09 JUL 1643
Name:  Hannah Fletcher

Memorial Plaque:  Pictured on the right is a plaque on the Memorial Bridge over the Wepawaug River in Milford honoring John Fletcher Obit 1662 and Mary Ward, his wife.

Death:  18 APR 1662  Milford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Burial:  in Peter Prudden’s Garden – no tombstone remains

parents are unknown

Mary Ward

Birth: 1607  Leicestershire, England

2nd Marriage:  to John Clark

Death:  22 JAN 1678  Milford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

parents are ? Ward and Joyce ?

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