Birth: 15 APR 1620 in Aberdeen, Scotland

Immigration:  ABT 1640
Details: John is thought to have arrived in Boston from Scotland via Barbados about

1st Marriage: BEF 1647  to Sarah ?
Details:  John Huntley is also recorded with his wife first wife, Sarah, as living in Roxbury, Suffolk, which is now a part of Boston. In 1649 Sarah Huntley, along with other women of Boston, signed a petition. At the time of Sarah’s death (believed to have been the result of Small Pox),the couple lived in a house owned by Mr.Hanniford. Recorded in the deposition of John Pease, 02 Jul.1679: “29 or 30years ago, Mr. Huntley was Mr. Hanniford’s tenant in boston, and there Mr. Huntley’s wife died of small-pox.”

Note:  The 1st written record of John in America appears in a legal document of William Aspinwall, a Notary Public of Boston, MA. In this document, dated 12 Jul 1647, John signed as witness for a Power of Attorney for Thomas Bayes. He also bore witness for Thomas Foster. In these records is also an account dated 01 May 1648, between John Pease and John Huntley, in regard to a load of fish, John Huntley had shipped to Barbados.

2nd Marriage: to Jane Curtis

Note: 1650
Details: Recorded in Ipswich Quarterly Court Records; Richard Smith makes deposition that John Huntley was in Salem, MA at about 1650, being at the Iron Works there.

Birth of Son:  01 JUL 1652
Name:  Moses Huntley

Birth of Son: 15 APR 1654
Name: Aaron Huntley

Birth of Daughter:  27 OCT 1657
Name: Elizabeth Huntley

Baptism of Children: 1657
Details:  Vital Records of the city of Boston, MA: Records of John Elliot, Pastor of the 1st Church of Roxbury, MA, 27th day of the 10th month, 1657; baptized Moses Huntley, Aaron HuntleyJr., & Elizabeth Huntley.

Land Record: 27 FEB 1659
Details: Suffolk Co., MA Land Records – deeded land, house, and one acre, to Phillip Curtis for L23 worth of cattle.

Birth of Daughter:  03 DEC 1660
Name: Mary Huntley

Note:  1661
Details:  It is unknown why John and his family left Roxbury to move to Saybrook, New London, CT Colony about 1661. It appears likely it was for business reasons and possibly a partnership with Richard Smith.

Land Rec: 12 JUL 1665
Details: John purchased two parcels of land and Richard Smith sold him 71 acres of land when John moved to Lyme, New London, CT Colony. Shortly after that he purchased an additional 91 acres for which he paid one hundred English pounds. John’s cattle were earmarked with a “one half-pen cut on the underside of each ear, and a slit on the top of the near ear”.

Land Rec: 1665
Details:  BEING AMONG THE FIRST THIRTY SETTLERS OF LYME, NEW OF LONDON, CT. He is recorded in the Town Records, Vol 1:30, 12 Jul 1665; JOHN IS RECORDED AS SHARED IN THE FIRST DIVISION Of LAND. It cost one hundred pounds per family to purchase a share of the town, and John had 71 acres for his lot plus twenty acres for his calf pasture at that time. John is listed as a COOPER. The meadow within it is bounded South by the land of William Measurer; on the North by the commons, on the West by the highway, and on the East by the commons. (12 Jul 1665). He also laid out a home lot containing forty three acres of upland more or less bounded West upon the highway, North on Balthazar DeWolf’s land, South upon Mr. Mesuer’s land, East upon the commons laying on both sides of Duck River with one dwelling house. also three and a half acres of meadow at the head of Duck River bounded on the meadow of Mr. Meseur, North on the swamp of Balthazer DeWolf, and West with his one land; attested by Mathew Griswold and Renald Marviene.

3rd Marriage: 03 JUN 1669 to Mary Hand
Details: Mary had divorced her husband after he had abandoned her.  John was caught fornicating with Mary, and fined 10 pounds, which was alot of money in those days. John apparently corrected the situation by doing the nobel thing and marrying her.

Birth of Daughter:  1669
Name: Sarah Huntley

Note: 12 MAR 1671
Details:  John participated in the “NEW LONDON AND LYME RIOT”, where the two groups fought with sticks and staves in a difficulty arising over the boundary line between the two towns.

Chosen as Surveyor: 1673

Birth of Daughter:  1673
Name: Alice Huntley

Note: 09 FEB 1674
Details: John was elected to be a Townsman, also called a Selectman, at a Town Meeting. Joseph Peck, Lt. Renold Marvin (also chosen), and Mr. Chapman were also present.

Note:  14 MAR 1676/77
Details:  John Huntley laid out to his estate on both side four mile river twenty acres of upland and meadow be it more or less and is bounded West with the commons, south with the land set out for Henry Bennet, East with the commons, North with the lands of John Larebe, East and West 55 rods, North and South 49 rods, the twenty acres being in the second division.

Will:  16 NOV 1676
Details: John’s Will is dated 16 Nov 1676, the same day he died;”Being very sick and weak of body, but of perfect memory, I giveand bequeath my soul to God that gave it, and my body to the earth from whence it came, to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors herafter mentioned. I give and bequeath to my dear and beloved wife one third part of all my estate and my dwelling house to live in peaceably during her natural life. I give to my son, Aaron, half an acre ofland in the new lot adjoyning the orchard fence on one side and thefront fence on the other side, to set him a house upon and part of the fruit of the orchard of my wife, and he shall agree and one third of all theincrease of all my land unto him and his heirs forever, he improving his time upon it; and after the decease of my wife all the lands and meadow of mine in the towne of Lyme, he paying unto each of my children on hispossessing of the lands, ten pounds apiece, and I give unto my said son five pounds towards the building of his house… I give and bequeath unto all my other children ten pounds apiece; to my son Moses, ten pounds, to my daughter Elizabeth ten pounds, to my daughter Mary ten pounds, to my daughter Sarah ten pounds and to my daughter Alice ten pounds. And of this my last will and testament I do appoint and make my dear and loving wife and my son Aaron joint executors.” signed and sealed and published in presence of us; Balthazar DeWolf, William Measuer, witnesses. This is the inventory of John HUNTLEY’S estate; The house house 018:17, wearing apparel 004:13, and beding in the house 009:17. Thetotal is L 218.00 15) with the lands and meadows of the first division 112: The second division 15L 127:00, horses and cattle 034:00, Hogs and pigs 006:00 corn and grain 002:00, culrature for husbandry 008:00, old iron and stell and calke 001:00, carpenters and cooping tools 004:15, furniture and materials in the

Death:  16 NOV 1676 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut Colony

1677: After John’s deathe in 1676, and his will was proven in court, his 2nd son, Aaron Huntley became the executor of his father’s estate. This was apparently not an easy task because it took over 25 years to dispose of the estate, to the others.

parents are unknown


Jane Curtis     


Death: abt.  1668 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut Colony

Parents are Phillip Curtis and ?


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