Christening:   12 DEC 1591  Harwich, Tendring District, Essex, England

1st Marriage:  10 OCT 1622 “John Steele, son of Richard of this parish, & Rachel Talcott of Brancktree [i.e., Braintree].”    Fairstead, Essex Co, England

Birth of Son:  ABT 1625
Name: John Steele

Birth of Son:  ABT 1626
Name: Samuel Steele

Lived in: 1630
Place: Dorchester, Massachusetts

Note: 1632
Details:  A proprietor of New Town, now Cambridge, Massachusetts

Freeman:  1634

Moved to:  1635
Place:  Hartford, Connecticut
Details: Was one of the founders of Hartford.

Note:  1636 – 1657
Details:  Was representative to the General Court and Secretary.  Was one of eight representative men appointed to govern Connecticut in 1636.  Was secretary of the colony four years.

Note: 1645
Details: Was one of the founders of Farmington, Connecticut

2nd Marriage:  25 November 1655 Mercy (Ruscoe) Seymour, widow of Richard Seymour  in Farmington, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Death:  25 NOV 1665  Farmington, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Parents are Richard Steele and ?

Rachel Talcott   

Birth: 1602  Harwich, Tendring District, Essex, England

Death: 24 OCT 1653  Farmington, Hartford Co, Connecticut

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