Birth: ABT 1620  England

Marriage:  ABT 1647 in England

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1647
Name: Abigail Thurber

Birth of Son:  ABT 1649
Name: John Thurber

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1652
Name: Mary Thurber

Birth of Son:  ABT 1654
Name: Edward Thurber

Birth of Son:  ABT 1656
Name: Thomas Thurber

Birth of Daughter:  11 Nov 1652
Name: Elizabeth Thurber

Birth of Son:  AUG 1660
Name: James Thurber

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1663
Name: Charity Thurber

Land Rec: First settled in Rehoboth, MA at New Meadow Neck where he drew land from William Bradford’s quit claim deed. Among the first admitted inhabitants of Swansea in 1669.

Religion: 15 SEP 1682
Details: Jo Thurber being charged with severall evills but especially with a high contempt of the church, when dealing with him for his negligence of meeting and comunion; is called to an account this day for the same; and manifested some sorrow for his severall evills the church agree to defer the full determinacion of his case to this day 14 night. Upon which day he acknowledged his evills, with relacion to bro Allen, the pastor and the whole church and being admonished against pride passion neglect of meeting and exhorted to a more circumspect walking for the future was admitted to continuance of comunion (unknown if this was John Sr. or John Jr., both members.) Dec. 1766: Receved of John Thurber 1 1/2 of wood. “Swansea Baptist Church Records”, NEHGR Vol. 139, p. 41, 42, 44.

Will: Will written March 21, 1703/4. Inventory was signed by wife Priscilla and dated July 3, 1706.

Death: ABT 1706 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown


Priscilla ?     

Birth:  ABT 1625 in England


parents are unknown


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