Born: 1642 Wethersfield, Wethersfield Twp, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Note: John lived in the part of New London which become Groton and as the sole heir of his father was a substantial landowner.

Freeman: 1669 New London, Connecticut

Marriage: 14 DEC 1670 to Hannah Culver New London Co, Conncticut

Birth of Son: 02 SEP 1671
Name: John Burrows
Place: Groton, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 14 NOV or DEC 1672
Name: Mary Burrows

Birth of Daughter: 09 OCT 1674
Name: Hannah Burrows

Birth of Daughter: 15 OCT 1677
Name: Margaret Burrows

Birth of Son: 05 AUG 1679
Name: Samuel Burrows

Birth of Son: 09 SEP 1681
Name: Robert Burrows

Birth of Daughter: 10 AUG 1682
Name: Abigail Burrows

Religion: 03 JAN 1685/6
Note: Became a member of First Congregational Church of Stonington.

Birth of Son: 06 JUN 1690 (baptized 22 JUN 1690)
Name: Jeremiah Burrows

Birth of Son: 16 MAY 1697 (baptized)
Name: Isaac Burrows

Religion: 20 JUL 1701
Note: Readmitted to the First Congregational Church of Stonington having been suspended for offense to Mr. Saltonstall.
Details: In his “History of the First Congregational Church of Stonington,” Judge Richard A. Wheeler describes the internal dissention over the question of the site of the church building, a site to best serve its members who had to travel long distances to attend services. Also during this period before 1704 there was dissention in the Church of Christ, the Congregational Church in New London town, with jurisdiction over the area on the east side of the Thames River, later called Groton. This dissention was also over the matter of great distances of travel but was complicated by the opposition of the pastor, Reverend Gurdon Saltonstall, to the petition to the General Assembly by many members for their establishment of a church east of the Thames. The differences became bitter and a lengthy “Remonstrance” was issued covering many accusations against the pastor. The Remonstrance” was signed by some seventy communicants of Christ Church in New London and by a few others such as John Burrows, a member of the other Congregational Church in Stonington, living however, in the Groton area and interested in the establishment of a church in that section. Thus John Burrows’ suspension, re-admittance and later dismissal to the church at Poquonnock in Groton.

Religion: 29 NOV 1704
Note: This record appears at the Road Church: “Mr. Ephraim Woodbridge was ordained Pastor of the Church at Poquonnock, to which church John Burrows, Peter Crary and John Seabury, with their wives were then dismissed.”

Note: He was one of the patentees of the amended charter of the New London settlement which up to 1704 included Groton.

Lived in: 1705
Place: The part of New London which became Groton

Note: He was a man of honorable position and the owner of substantial tracts of land deeded to him by, and also inherited as the sole heir of, his father Robert Burrows.

Death: 12 FEB 1716 Groton, Groton Twp, New London Co, Connecticut

Buried: Wightman Burial, Groton, Groton Twp, New London Co, Connecticut
Note: John Burrows also was a liberal supporter of the First Baptist Church in Groton, which adjoined the Wightman Burying Grounds, the site of his burial. It can be presumed that John’s wife, Hannah, lies buried here also, although there is no marker.
Extracted from History of the First Congregational Church, Stonington, CT; As of 1973 the grave was marked by a large flat stone marked “JB 74 died 1716”. This type of stone were called “Wolf” stones to protect the grave from wolves.

Parents are Robert Burrows and Mary Ireland

Hannah Culver

Born: 11 APR 1651 Roxbury, Massachusetts

Will: 1731

Death: ABT 1733 New London, Connecticut

Buried:  Wightman Burial, Groton, Groton Twp, New London Co, Connecticut
Note:  There is no marker for her grave

Will Proven: 28 JUN 1733 New London, Connecticut Probate Court

Parents are thought to be Edward Colver/Culver and Anna Ellis

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