Born: 11 MAR 1686 New London Co, Connecticut

Marriage: 11 FEB 1706 to Mary Willey New Haven Second Church, New London Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 04 DEC 1707
Name: Thomas Holmes

Birth of Son: 24 FEB 1708/09
Name: John Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 07 FEB 1712/13
Name: Mary Holmes

Birth of Son: 04 JUN 1715
Name: Christopher Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 04 AUG 1717
Name: Grace Holmes

Birth of Son: 12 JUL 1722
Name: Eliphalet Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 14 JUN 1726
Name: Sarah Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 01 AUG 1729
Name: Abigail Holmes

Death: 29 MAY 1734 East Haddam Twp, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Burial: Second Cemetery, East Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Click here to see Parents: Thomas Holmes and Lucretia Dudley

Mary Willey

Born: 10 DEC 1685 North Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut

2nd Marriage: to Samuel Andrews

Click here to see Parents: John Willey and Miriam Moore

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