Born: ABT 1636 England

Birth of Son: Simon Lovett

Birth of Son: John Lovett

Birth of Daughter: Suzanne Lovett

Birth of Son: Josiah Lovett

Birth of Son: Thomas Lovett

Occupation: He was Constable of Beverly in 1670, 1671 and 1673.

Birth of Son: 25 APR 1675 (Baptized)
Name: Samuel Lovett

Court: In July 1678, John Lovet, jr. and Joseph Rootes (probably Josiah Rootes) were witnesses against William Hoare and his son Samuel for neglecting the public ordinances. John Lovet, jr. deposed that they did not go to meeting when at home and in health, and also went walking abroad when meeting was over.

Note: John Lovet, jr. was tythingman of Beverly in 1679.

Court: John Lovett served on the trial jury in 1680.

Testimony: John Lovett, aged about forty-five years, testified regarding the land in a controversy between his brother-in-law Thomas Roots of Boston and Henery Keyne of Salem that he had heard his father-in-law Josiah Roots often say that the land he sold to Keny was his brother Thomas’ land. Further he had heard said Josiah own that his brother Thomas had given the land to deponent’s brother-in-law Thomas, the plaintiff. Also Josiah often said that he had sold to Keny his son’s land and would make him satisfaction; which he did by will giving him a great part of his land and a pair of oxen. Sworn in [Ipswich Quarterly] court in September 1683.

Testimony: John Lovet and Bethiah Lovet, his wife, each aged forty years, testified in Salem Quarterly Court in November 1683.

Grand Jury: John Lovett was a member of the Grand Jury at the court held at Salem, 24: 4: 1684 (24 June 1684).

Grand Jury: John Lovett was chosen for the grand jury by the town of Beverly for the impending witchcraft cases:

(Warrant to the Town of Beverly)

     These are in their Maj’ties Names to requrie you forthwith to assemble the free Holders and others the Inhabitants of your Towne who are hereby, allso required to Choose foure Good and Lawfull men of the same Towne Each whereof to have a reall Estate of fourty shillings p Annum or a psonall Estate of fifty pounds to serve as Jurors two upon the Grand Jury and Two upon the Jury of Tryalls at a Court of Assises & Gen’ll Goal Delivery to be held at Salem for the County of Essex on Tusday the third day of Janua’ next Ensuing the day of the date hereof w’ch psons so Chosen you are to sumons to attend the said Court by nine of the Clock in the morning of the said Day. and make returne hereof with the names of the said psons the day before the said Court and hereof not to faile. Dated in Boston the Twenty third day of Decemb’r 1692

     To the Constable or Constables of Beverley or either of them

     p Cur&periodbar;
     *Jona’ Elatson Cler.

     ( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 88 )

(Return of the Town of Beverly)

     Beverly January the 2’d 1692

     these are to certifie such Honor’d gentel men as may bee Concerned, that in the persuance of the within written the Inhabytance of our Towne beeing Asembled togeather on the 2’nd of this instant have made choice of John Louit se[N]’r and Roberd Cue for the grand Jury and Samuel Morgan and Edmong Gale for the Jury of Tryals to attend the service of the court within named —

     p’r *John Conant
     Constable of Beverly

     The above s’d persons I have allso summonsd to ated according to the with in written

     ( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 89 ).

Birth of Son: Bejamen Lovett

Death: 10 SEP 1727 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts

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Bethiah Rootes

Born: ABT 1639

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