Birth:  01 JAN 1666/67  Roxbury, Massachusetts

Note: 01 APR 1686
Details: One of the thirteen pioneers who left Roxbury to make the survey and preliminary settlement of New Roxbury (now Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut)

Marriage: 6 Nov 1688

Land Rec: 30 acres in Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut
Details:  On the north end of town, on the west side of Plaine Hill, abutting on the east and north on highways.

Birth of Daughter: 9 Oct 1689
Name: Margaret Bacon

Birth of Daughter: 19 Oct 1691
Name: Elizabeth Bacon

Birth of Son:  20 Nov 1693
Name: Henry Bacon

Birth of Daughter: 24 Nov 1697
Name: Mary Bacon

Birth of Son:  29 AUG 1700
Name:  Joseph Bacon
Place:  Woodstock, Windham Co., Connecticut

Birth of Son:  26 Nov 1703
Name: Benjamin Bacon

Birth of Daughter: 26 May 1706
Name: Mehitabel Bacon

Note:  1710
Details:  A schoolhouse was built near Joseph’s house.
Place:  Woodstock, Windham Co., Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 15 Oct 1710
Name: Eunice Bacon

Death:  31 MAY 1741  Pomfret, Windham Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Bacon and Mary Gamlin

Margaret Bowen     

Birth:  26 Jan 1667/68  Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Death:  19 Feb 1726/27   Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut

parents are unknown

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