Birth:  25 MAR 1740  Exeter, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Military: 1758-1759
Details: In campaigns of the Rhode Island Rangers

Note: Before 1770, Joseph went to Dutchess Co., residing at Northeast, per family account.

1st Marriage: to Jane Crego

Birth of Daughter: 1770
Name:  Anna Bentley

Birth of Son:  04 SEP 1773
Name: Asa Bentley

Birth of Son:  ABT 1773
Name: Crigger Bentley

Taxes:  Joseph Bentley is found on Beekman tax list, 1774-1778

Military: 1776
Details: Joseph Bentley, private, was listed on a 1776 payroll of Col. Topham’s Regiment in Rhode Island.

Birth of Son:  04 JUN 1777
Name: Richard Bentley

Military: 1785
Details:  Col. Topham’s Regiment in Rhode Island.  Drummer.

1790 Census:  Westfield (Fort Ann), Washington Co, New York
Details: Joseph’s household contained one man, three boys and two females.

2nd Marriage: to Chloe Moon

1800 Census: Queensbury, Washington, New York
Note: Queensbury, Washington, New York is located in Warren Co., today.

Note: From about 1800 to the spring of 1810 he resided with son Asa, farming at Butternut Flats on the north shore of Glen Lake, Queensbury.

Death:  1810 – BEF 27 APR 1810  Queensbury, Washington Co, New York

Burial: In a Field across from where he lived, no stone on grave.

Click here for parents:  Benjamin Bentley and Sarah Shippee

Jane Crego     

Baptized: 20 SEP 1734

Name Var: Jannetje Krieger
Note: baptized as Jannetje Krieger 20 Sept. 1734, per New York Lutheran Church recs., dau. of Stephen and Margariet [deDuytscher] Crego or Krieger


Click here for parents:  Stephen Crego and Margaret DeDuytscher

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