Birth:  26 AUG 1599  Hammersmith, Greater London, England

Note:  The origins of the Jencks family in England is treated in NEHGR, Volume 110.

1st Marriage:  05 NOV 1627  to Joan Hearne in Horton, Buckinghamshire, England

Birth of Son:  George Jencks

Birth of Son:  1628
Name:  Joseph Jencks Jr.

Birth of Daughter:  Elizabeth Jencks

Birth of Son:  Richard Jencks

Note:   Joseph Jencks I organized and operated the first American iron works in Saugus,Massachusetts.

2nd Marriage:  ABT 1650 to Elizabeth ?

Birth of Daughter:  Sarah Jencks

Birth of Son:  Samuel Jencks

Birth of Daughter:  Deborah Jencks

Birth of Son:  John Jencks

Birth of Son:  1663
Name:  Daniel Jencks

Death:  16 MAR 1683  Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts

parents are John Jencks and Sarah Fulwater

Joan Hearne

Birth:  1607  England

Death:  FEB 1635  Isleworth, Greater London, England

parents are George Hearne and Catherine ?

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