Birth:  1683  New York City, New York

Marriage: 04 MAR 1703/04

Birth of Son: 1705
Name: Stephen Crego

Birth of Daughter: Joanna Crego

Birth of Daughter: Margaret Crego

Birth of Son: 1707
Name: John Crego

Land Rec: 30 JUL 1721
Details: Thomas Sanders and wife, in consideration of ;^3o, conveyed to Anne Crego and her sons Stephen and John, of ” Pockepsink,” land lying in the angle formed by the junction of a small stream with the Hudson, ” oposit against Juffrous Hook.”

Land Rec: 30 APR 1722
Details:  Evert Van Wagoner, of Duchess County, yeoman, and Hellegont his wife, in consideration of £^ 6, conveyed to Josias Crego, six acres of land bounded west by the King’s highway, north by the land of Evert Van Wagoner, east by the land of Thomas Sanders, and south by the land of Stephen and John Crego.

Land Rec: 08 MAY 1727
Details: Josias Crego and Anna his wife, and their sons Stephen and John, all of ” Pakeepson,” conveyed the same tract to Jacob Low, of Kingston.

Freeholder:  1740
Place:  Duchess Co, New York

Death:  1748  New Milford, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Stephen Crego and Margery L. Slead

Annetje Elsworth     

Birth: 14 APR 1686  Dutchess Co, New York

Death: 1760

Click here to see parents:  Johannes Elsworth and Aeltje Roos

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