Birth: 02 JUN 1613  Tenderen, Kent, England

Immigration:  08 APR 1632
Details:  Sailed at the age of 19 from Hampton, England on the ship “Whale” with members of the Plough Company.  He arrived in Boston 26 MAY 1632.

Military:  1637
Details:  He served in the Pequot War

Important:  04 JUN 1639
Details:  He was a signer of the “Fundamental Agreement” of the New Haven Colonists

1st Marriage:  1649  to Abigail Olney   England

Birth of Son:  ABT 1649
Name:  John Merriman

Birth of Daughter:  16 MAY 1651
Name: Hannah Merriman

Birth of Daughter:  18 APR 1654
Name:  Abigail Merriman

Birth of Daughter:  12 JUL 1657
Name:  Mamie Merriman

Birth of Son:  28 FEB 1659
Name:  John Merriman

Birth of Son:  29 SEP 1662
Name:  Samuel Merriman

Military:  1662
Details:  Ensign of the New Haven Artillery Company

Note:  1663
Details: Settled in New Haven, Connecticut

Birth of Son:  16 MAY 1665
Name:  Caleb Merriman

Military:  OCT 1665
Details:  He was confirmed Sergeant, of the New Haven Train band by the General Court

Birth of Son:  MAY 1667
Name:  Moses Merriman

Birth of Daughter:  14 SEP 1669
Name:  Elizabeth Merriman

Note:  1669-85
Details:  Was a deputy

Birth of Daughter:  Anna Merriman

Note:  1670
Details:  One of the original settlers of Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut.  He had lots Nos. 1 and 2, on the north, west and east corners of the South Cross street, also lot No. 2, adjoining the west lot.. He became a farmer and a person of consequence in the town

Moved to:  1672
Place:  Wallingford

Military:  1672
Details:  He was confirmed Lieutenant of the Train band in 1672

Note:  1673
Details:  He was on a committee to fix the boundary lines between Wallingford and other towns.  He also served as deputy to the General Court from Wallingford.

Military:  01 NOV 1675
Details:  He was appointed Captain of the Troop of Dragoons raised in New Haven in King Philip’s War, and in 1691-92 was by vote continued in that office

2nd Marriage:  1680  to Joan Lines  Hadley, Massachusetts

Note:  Although he was not a resident, he was allowed 5 acres on his taxable New Haven estate, undoubtedly for war service in the Pequot War.

Death: 13 FEB 1694  Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Parents are Theophilus Merriman and Hannah ?

Abigail Olney   



parents are William Olney and ?


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