Born: probably Massachusetts

Marriage: 13 JUN 1710 to Hannah Davenport in Little Compton, Rhode Island

Birth of Son: 04 MAY 1712
Name: Nathaniel House

Birth of Son: 01 FEB 1714
Name: Samuel House

Birth of Son: 08 DEC 1715
Name: John House

Birth of Daughter: 1717
Name: Rebecca House

Moved to: BET 1717 – 1720
Place: Lebanon, New London Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son: SEP 1720
Name: Gideon House

Birth of Son: Jonathan House

Birth of Daughter: 09 OCT 1723
Name: Hannah House

Birth of Son: 14 JAN 1725
Name: Simon House

Birth of Daughter: 05 AUG 1727
Name: Rebecca House

Death: 1762 Lebanon, New London Co, Connecticut

Parents are unknown


Hannah Davenport

Born: 23 DEC 1686 Little Compton, Rhode Island

Death: 1769 Lebanon, New London Co, Connecticut

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