Born: 26 JUL 1666 Hadley, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 05 AUG 1686
Name: Noah Wells

Birth of Daughter: 10 DEC 1687
Name: Mary Wells

Living: 1691
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 30 OCT 1692
Name: Sarah Wells

Birth of Son: 1694
Name: John Wells
Place: Colchester, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 17 OCT 1696
Name: Jonathan Wells

Birth of Daughter: 1697
Name: Hannah Wells

Birth of Son: 16 JUL 1704 (Baptized)
Name: Samuel Wells

Death: 1712 Colchester, Connecticut

Click here to see Parents: Thomas Wells and Mary Beardsley


Mary ?

Other Marriages: to Mr. Field, James Newton, and John White

Parents are unknown

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