Birth:  31 OCT 1822 Salina, Onondaga Co, New York.
Note: The town Salina was later changed to Syracuse.

Name Var: Ruben

View Reuben and Sarah Smith Family Photo Album

1840 Census:  Mexico, Oswego Co, New York
Note:  Ages fit to be Reuben, sister Wealthy, and parents Cornelius and Hulda.  Also one more male between ages of 15-20 in household.

1840 Census Reuben Smith

Marriage: 06 DEC 1846 Clay, Onondaga Co, New York

Religion: Possibly a deacon of the Baptist Church of Mexicoville, later renamed the First Baptist Church of Mexico.  There does appear to be another Reuben in Mexico in 1840, though, so not sure which one was the deacon.

Birth of Son:  03 SEP 1849
Name:  Cornelius Aurlius Smith
Place:  Mexico, Oswego Co, New York

1850 Census: 11 OCT 1850
Place: Mexico, Oswego, New York, USA
Note:  Wife, Sarah, son Cornelius, and Franklin Wing (age 10) living in household.

Moved to: BETWEEN 1851 AND 1853
Place: Wisconsin

1850 Census Reuben Smith Cornelius Smith

Birth of Son:  17 MAR 1853
Name:  Delavan Adelbert Smith
Place:  Waukesha Co, Wisconsin

Birth of Son:  09 OCT 1855
Name: Manvil A. Smith
Place: Lyslou, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin

1855 Census: Osceola, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Note: Living next door to Aaron Bump – confirming his wife’s parents.
1850 Census Reuben Smith Cornelius Smith

Birth of Daughter:  09 DEC 1856
Name: Hulda A. Smith
Place: Lyslou, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin

Moved to: BETWEEN 1857 AND 1859
Place: Michigan
Note: The Smiths came to Michigan as part of the lumber industry. They followed the railroads out west from New York.

Birth of Daughter:  12 SEP 1859
Name:  Weltha Almina Smith
Place:  Union City, Branch Co, Michigan

1860 Census: 02 AUG 1860
Place: Union, Branch, Michigan, USA
Note: Was a carpenter and a joiner. 

1860 Census Reuben Smith Cornelius Smith

Birth of Daughter: 17 FEB 1862
Name:  Pluma Euphema Smith
Place: Michigan

Civil War Draft Registration: June 1863
Place: Union, Branch Co, Michigan

Civil War Draft Registration Reuben Smith

Birth of Daughter:  abt 1864
Name:  Deborah E. Smith
Place: Michigan

Moved to: 1865
Place: Mason County, Michigan

Birth of Daughter: 22 FEB 1868
Name:  Laura E. Smith
Place: Mason Co, Michigan

Occupation:19 NOV 1868 – 07 FEB 1871
Note: Was a Postmaster for Lake Greenwood, which was later named Colfax, Mason County, Michigan.

Reuben Smith postmaster

Birth of Son:  07 SEP 1869
Name:  Otis E. Smith
Place: Michigan

1870 Census: 02 JUL 1870
Place: Victory, Mason Co, Michigan, USA
Note:  Farmer

1870 Census Reuben Smith

Land Rec: 10 FEB 1875
Place: Section 22, Township 20-N, Range 17-W, Mason Co, Michigan, USA
Note: 160 Acres

1880 Census: 19 JUN 1880
Place:  Grant Twp, Mason Co, Michigan.
Note:  Wife, Sarah, and five children are living in household. His son, Cornelius, is living next door.

1880 Census Reuben Smith Cornelius Smith

Family Photo:
back row-Laura, Otis, Wealtha, Manvill, Pluma
front row-Cornelius, Reuben (father), Deborah, Sarah Bump (mother), Hulda, and Delbert

Death: 11 SEP 1890, Grant Twp, Mason Co, Michigan
Note: Died of heart disease.

Death Record: 16 MAY 1891
Place: Grant Township, Mason County, Michigan, USA
Note: Parents listed as UNKNOWN on this record.

Buried:  Grant Twp Cemetery, Grant Twp, Mason Co, Michigan

Click here to see parents:  Cornelius Smith and Hulda Austin

Sarah Ann Bump   

Birth: 02 OCT 1830 Elizabeth, New York
Note: or Howac or Kowac, Renslar Co, NY.  None of these towns exist, but there are a couple of Elizabethtown, New Yorks – one in Essex Co and one in Herkimer Co. (Someone on says she was born in Troupsburg, Steuben Co, New York.)

1840 Census:  There is an Aaron Bump in Clay, Onondaga Co, New York who has a 10 year old daughter. Believed to be Sarah’s family. 

Moved to: 1846-1890 See above. Activity listed under her husband

Note: AFT 11 SEP 1890
Details:  After her husband died, she went to live with Hattie Parson’s family for some time.

1900 Census:  12 JUN 1900
Place:  Grant Twp, Mason Co, Michigan
Note:  Her daughter-in-law’s brother, Charles Elkani Reynolds, is boarding with her.  Also Agusta Stanelin is boarding at her home (no relation that I’m aware of)

Sarah Smith 1900 census

Death: 05 JUN 1903
Note: Died in Pennsylvania at the home of her oldest daughter, Hulda Hagadorn. (Charles and Hulda Hagadorn were living in Troy, Bedford Co, Pennsylvania during the 1900 census.)

Paper also says Milton came home for his grandma’s funeral.



Sarah Smith Death Notice

Obituary: 18 JUN 1903

parents are Aaron Bump and Deborah Milliman

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