Birth:   Buckinghamshire, England

Marriage:  to Elizabeth Sharparowe

Birth of Son:  1630
Name: John Brown

Birth of Son:  1632
Name: James Brown

Birth of Son:  1634
Name: Jeremiah Brown

Birth of Son:  1635
Name: Judah Brown

Immigration:  1638
Details: Arrived on the ship “Martin: in Boston.  A fellow passenger died on the voyage and Chad Brown witnessed the will soon after his arrival.

Exiled:  1638
Details: Chad and his family were exiled to Providence, Rhode Island, along with Roger Williams, the founder of Providence because their religious beliefs were too liberal for the Puritans.  He became at once a leader in Providence.

Birth of Son:  1638
Name: Daniel Brown

Note: 1638
Details: Chad was one of the twelve original proprietors of the Providence Purchase and a signer of the Providence Compact.

Note: Was a surveyor and was responsible for the first map of Providence, Rhode Island
Details: In the capacity of surveyor he was soon after appointed on a committee to compile a list of the home lots of the first settlers of the “Town Street” and the meadows allotted to them. His home lot fronted on the “towne streete” now South Main and Market Square, with the southern boundary to the southward of College and South Main Streets. The college grounds of Brown University now comprise a large portion of this lot.

Birth of Son:  1640
Name: Chad Brown

Note:  In 1640 he served on a committee with three others in regard to the disputed boundary between Providence and Pawtuxet.

Note: That same year he, with Robert Cole, William Harris and John Warner, was the committee of Providence Colony to report their first written form of government, which was adopted and continued in-force until 1644, in which year Roger Williams returned from England with the first charter. Chad Brown was the first of the 39 signers of this agreement.

Religion: 1642
Details: He was the first settled pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence.  Roger Williams was the founder of this church.

Note: In 1643 he was on a committee to make peace between the Warwick settlers and Massachusetts Bay, but their efforts were unavailing.

Death: ABT 1665

Burial: North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island
Details: Chad Brown’s original burial site was on his own property in Providence. It was located on land that became part of Brown University, first, and is now occupied by the Court House in downtown Providence. His remains were moved in 1792 to the North Burial Ground, and a monument to him was erected there.

Inscription of Monument Reads:  Elder of the Baptist Church in this town. He was one of the original Proprietors of the Providence Purchase, having been exiled from Massachusetts for conscience sake. He had five sons, John, James, Jeremiah, Chad & Daniel, who have left a numerous posterity. He died about A.D. 1665. This monument was erected by the town of Providence, Nov. 1792.

Parents are unknown

Elizabeth Sharparowe     

Birth: 1603  Bedford Borough, Bedfordshire, England

Death:  10 NOV 1673  Providence, Providence Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island
Details:  Burial has not been proven at this time. Search for headstone is underway.  Information came from American Genealogist, Vol. 62 & 63, pg 201 . The information states that Rev. Chaddus (Chad) Brown and his wife Elizabeth Sharparowe Brown’s bodies were moved from their land because the “Brown University, University Hall” was going to be built on the Brown Family land. Bodies were moved to North Burial Ground, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Parents are unknown

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