Birth: ABT 1580   (possibly in Wales)

1st Marriage: to Ann Bourne

Birth of Daughter:  1616
Name:  Alice Bowen

Birth of Daughter:  1634
Name: Ruth Bowen

Immigration: ABT 1640
Details:  Probably lived in Salem for a short time before moving to Weymouth and then to Rehoboth in 1643

Land Rec: 1642
Details:  A land record of Weymouth likely refers to him.

Occupation:  1643
Details:  was a proprietor of Rehoboth

Freeman:  04 JUN 1645

Selectman: 09 DEC 1645

Land Rec:  He acquired large tracts of land along the river, and his twelve acre home lot was next to the Rehoboth commons, This area is in present East Providence, Rhode Island

Land Rec: DEC 1645
Details:  He was of record with Robert Martin and Stephen Paine as the three “layed out yt necke of land called knowne by the name of Wanomoycet”.

Note:  06 MAR 1645/46
Details:  He was appointed, along with others, to get the fences in Rehoboth in order.

Selectman: 26 MAY 1647

2nd Marriage: 2 NOV 1648  to Elizabeth Marsh, widow of George Marsh  in Hingham, Plymouth, MA

Freeman:  1651

Deputy to Plymouth Colony’s General Court: 1651

Note:  13 MAY 1653
Details: Richard Bowen & James Ridwaye were chosen as “overseers of the wayes”(Tn Mtg. Bk I, p. 102)

Note: 28 JUN 1653
Details:  He was also among those representing Rehoboth in settling the status of lands lyings within the bounds of the new Sowams purchase  (Plymouth Col. Dds. vol. II, Pt. 11, p. 78).

Note: 1654
Details:  He was an arbitrator in a dispute between Richard Titus and Nicholas Ide over a parcel of salt meadow.

Note:  1671
Details: Richard Bowen was assessed 3/7 in taxes, an amount somewhat lower than average

Land Rec:  28 MAY 1672
Details:  He was recorded as having sold his one-half share in the 1666 North Purchase distribution to Thomas Ormsbee

Death: ABT 4 FEB 1673/74  Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

Will: proven June 4, 1675 (Plymouth Colony Wills 3: 148-149 #P24).
Details: The last Will & Testament of Richard Bowin senir of Rehoboth in the Collonie of Plymouth in New England exhibited to the Court held at Plymouth aforsaid the fourth of June Anno: Dom 1675 on the oath of John Pecke as followeth
    ….Item I Give to my beloved wife Elizabeth two Cowes and one heiffer a yeer old and a Mare 5 yeer old and a Mare Colt two yeer old and one Colt that followeth the Mare; Item I Give unto my wife my best bed; with all that belonges to it; and all my linnine two Pewter platters; with som other small peeces of pewter; both the bras kettles I Iron pott I skillet one frying pan all my poultry and halfe my swine younge and old alsoe I Give to my wife one Coffer; and halfe my provisions after my buriall; halfe of my Corne; halfe my hay that is Gathered in or may be Growing at my Decease; halfe my butter Cheese Bacon and porke; one hake with the eke belonging to it; one Cherne one brewing tubb one powdering tubb one beer barrell and my milk vessells; Cushens one Candlesticke; all these foremensioned prticulars; I Give to my beloved wife to Dispose of att her Death unto whom shee will; moreover I Give unto my wife my bible my warming pan; halfe my house that prte of the Leanto, nearest unto the Chimney; as alsoe halfe my orchyard; and halfe my home lott; excepting that prte I should unto Stephen Paine senir; being an acre more or lesse; all these I say I Give unto my beloved wife, the full terme of her life; moreover my wife shall have libertie to mow two load of hay on my meddow att Palmers River and three load more on my meddow on the New meddow necke, every yeer soe longe as shee liveth;
    Item I Give to my son William one hundred pounds Comonage; my lott on the East syde of the plaine my lott in the second Devision; my prte of ffresh meddow lying and being neare the mile run; my fresh meddow at Palmers River all my meddow that I have mowed att my meddow on the New meddow necke The other pte of this meddow, I have Given unto my son Obadiah; and my son Richard, as will appeer by a Deed of Gift under my hand; Moreover I Give unto my son William; halfe my house halfe my barn; halfe my orchyard halfe my home lott except that I should to Steven Paine senir; and it is my Will that after my wifes Decease that my son William shall have all my housing and barnes orchyard homlott with all those lands and meddowes before mensioned unto him and his heires forever; Item I Give unto my son William halfe my swine halfe my Corne halfe my hay; Ingathered or may be Growing and halfe my provisions; butter Cheese bacon Porke; Item I Give to my son William halfe my Cart and wheeles my Cart Rope with my plow and plowirons belonging to it 2 Chaires two hogsheads, and all other Corne vessell my wife Can spare; my hake with the Ringe; on it; my Great brasse pott an Iron pott and my Great brasse pan; and alsoe it is my will that hee shall have the land which is to be Devided according to the Devision of 20 acrees to the hundred pound estate; and alsoe my lott lately layed out on the necke Called Wachamaquat necke; and all such lands as shalbe Devided after the Date hereof; according to the proportion of a hundred pound estate; I alsoe Give unto my son William; my Chest in the hall my Coffer in the seller loft my Chaine my hay knife Dung forke Pikes Rakes hand saw augers 2 beetle rings and all my Iron wedges; as alsoe that oxe called Duke; and my bible after my Wifes Decease; Item I alsoe Give unto my son William the bed hee now lyeth on and the furniture belonging to it; and one bed sheet and my winnow sheet; and all my boards about my house, and all my wearing apparrell;
    Item I Give unto my son Obadiah halfe a hundred pounds of Comonage; my plow Irons of my breakeing plow and my thawrtcutt saw and halfe my logg Chaine; and the other halfe I Give to my son William;
    Item I Give to my Daughter Allice Wheaton my Daughter Sarah ffuller and my Daughter Ruth Kenericke my old mare and a Colt that suckes on he
    Item I Give to my Daughter Allice Wheaton my fflagon and two pewter platters;
    Item I Give to my Daughter Sarah ffuller my warming pan after my wifes Decease; and a pewter platter when the will is proved;
    Item I Give to my Daughter Ruth Kenericke one pewter platter;
    It is alsoe my will that if any of these fornamed beasts; viz; neat beasts or horses given Doe Die or come to any lose, the lose shalbe to the pticular prson or prsons unto whom they were given….I Give to my son Richard whom I make and ordaine my sole executor to pay my Debts and to Discharge my leacyes and to see my body buried…. The marke R of Richard Bowin senir.
    Inventory exhibited at the same court and of June 4, 1675 on oath of Richard Bowin Junir and totaled L175.15s.8d.

Parents are James Bowen and Eleanor Griffiths


Ann Bourne     

Birth: 1592 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

Death: NOV 1648  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

parents are unknown


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