Baptized:  06 MAY 1604  Ware, East Hertfordshire District, Hertfordshire, England

Marriage:  26 JAN 1628/29  Roydon, Essex, England

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Platt

Birth of Son:  John Platt

Birth of Son:  10 APR 1633
Name:  Isaac Platt

Birth of Son:  Samuel Platt

Birth of Daughter:  1636
Name:  Sarah Platt

Land Rec:  25 APR 1638
Details:  Richard & Mary sold their property in Ware (which is four miles southeast of Roydon) in England, and prepared to sail to New England.

Immigration:  1638  to New Haven, Connecticut

Religion:  19 JAN 1639/40
Details:  Joined the Milford Church

Moved to:  1640
Place:  Milford
Details:  Lot #38 West Main and Cherry Street

Birth of Son:  Epenetus Platt

Birth of Son:  Josiah Platt

Birth of Daughter:  01 OCT 1643
Name:  Hannah Platt

Birth of Son:  1649
Name:  Joseph Platt

Occupation:  Tailor

Will:  24 JAN 1683/84

Death:  13 FEB 1684  Milford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Inventory:  13 FEB 1684/85

Burial:  Richard was buried in his orchard in Milford, Connecticut

parents are George Platt and Mary ?

Mary Wood

Baptized:  10 NOV 1605  Roydon, Epping Forest District, Essex, England

Religion:  29 JAN 1639/40
Details:  Mary joined the Milford church the same year as her husband.

Death:  MAR 1675  Milford, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Burial:  24 MAR 1675  
Details:  Most all of the early settlers were buried in Rev. Peter Prudden’s garden until around 1675, and after that they were buried in an extension of his garden which is presently the oldest part of the Milford Cemetery.

parents are John Wood and Jane ?

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