Christening:  28 AUG 1584  at St. Andrew and St. Mary Church at Pitminster, Somerset Co, England
Note:  Picture of Church in Pitminster, Somerset Co, England on the right

Marriage: 27 APR 1615  Pitminster, Somerset Co, England

Birth of Daughter: 19 MAR 1615/16 (baptism)
Name: Honor Treat

Birth of Daughter: 24 MAY 1618 (baptism)
Name: Joanna Treat

Birth of Daughter: 03 DEC 1620 (baptism)
Name: Sarah Treat

Birth of Son: 09 SEP 1623 (baptism)
Name:  Richard Treat

Birth of Son: 25 FEB 1623/24 (baptism)
Name:  Robert Treat

Birth of Daughter: 25 JUL 1627 (baptism)
Name: Elizabeth Treat

Birth of Daughter: 08 OCT 1629 (baptism)
Name: Susanna Treat

Birth of Daughter: 16 FEB 1630/31(baptism)
Name: Alice Treat
Details:  Buried as an infant at Pitminster, 02 AUG 1633

Birth of Son: 20 JUL 1634 (baptism)
Name:  James Treat

Birth of Daughter: 29 JUN 1637
Name: Katherine Treat

Immigration:  ABT 1637
Details:  Richard, wife Alice and all of their known children at the time immigrated circa 1637 to New England and settled at Wethersfield, Conn.

Note:  1637
Details:  Was one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut and was an extensive landowner in the town (over 900 acres).  He represented Wethersfield in the first general court in 1637.

Appointed by the General Court:   1642
Details: To superintend building a ship and to collect a revenue for that object.

Signature: on the Right

Juror: 15 JUN 1643
Details:  A high position then, generally occupied only by the most prominent persons

Grand Juror: 15 SEP 1643

Deputy: APR 1644
Details: Was annually elected for fourteen years, up to 1657/58.

Note:  On Oct. 25,1644, he and Mr. Wells were the committee and the revenue collectors of the Fenwick tax a fund for the support of students in the college at Cambridge

Note: In 1654, he was chosen on a committee to lay out lands granted by the town

Assistant Magistrate of the Colony:   1658 to 1665

Note: Was named in the royal charter of Charles II as one of the original patentees of the Charter of the Colony of Connecticut.

Note: In 1660, he was elected a townsman, an office answering to the present selectmen

Will:  03 MAR 1669/70

Death:  27 APR 1669/1670  Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Will Proved:  14 FEB 1668/69
Details:  A person’s estate inventory was typically taken within a matter of days after death, but Richard’s is undated. It was taken by three men, two of whom were his sons-in-law: John Deming and Robert Webster.

Parents are Robert Treat and Honoria ?

Alice Gaylord     

Baptism: 10 MAY 1594  Pitminster, Somerset, England

Death: AFT 14 FEB 1668/69  Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Parents are Hugh Gaylord and Joan ?

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