Birth: 16 DEC 1710  Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut

Marriage:  29 JAN 1739/40  Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  20 FEB 1741/42
Name: Phoebe Austin

Birth of Son:  08 NOV 1743
Name:  Reuben Austin

Birth of Daughter:  03 MAY 1746
Name: Prudence Austin

Birth of Daughter:  28 OCT 1748
Name:  Hanna Austin

Birth of Daughter:  04 SEP 1751
Name: Esther Austin

Birth of Son:  30 DEC 1753
Name:  Robert Austin

Birth of Daughter:  02 NOV 1756
Name: Mary Austin

Death: 30 JUL 1756

Click here to see parents:  John Austin and Prudence Royce


Phebe Benham     

Birth:  20 MAY 1718  Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut


Click here to see parents:  Joseph Benham and Hope Cook


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