Birth: 21 NOV 1726 Dighton, Massachusetts

Marriage: 02 JUL 1747 Lebanon, Connecticut Note: Lebanon, Windham, Connecticut.
[At that point in time, Lebanon was in Windham County – eventually assigned to New London County in 1824.]

Birth of Daughter: 25 APR 1748
Name: Elizabeth Collins

Birth of Daughter: 20 SEP 1749
Name: Mary Collins

Birth of Son: 15 FEB 1751
Name: Rufus Collins

Birth of Son: 21 SEP 1752
Name: Eleazer Collins

Birth of Daughter: 20 SEP 1754
Name: Hannah Collins

Birth of Daughter: 23 APR 1756
Name: Ruth Collins

Birth of Daughter: 1757 Name: Priscilla Collins

Birth of Child: 06 SEP 1759
Name: Zelotes Collins

Birth of Daughter: 11 JAN 1763
Name: Priscilla Collins

Birth of Child: 26 MAY 1764
Name: Zerviah Collins

Military: Revolutionary Soldier in Captian Pineo’s Company.

Death: 25 NOV 1790 Columbia, Tolland County, Connecticut

Burial: Old Yard Cemetery, Columbia, Tolland Co, Connecticut

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Hannah Clark

Birth: 01 OCT 1726

Parents are Benoni Clark and Hannah Root

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