Birth: 31 Dec 1718 in Swansea, MA

Birth of Daughter:  24 Sep 1742
Name:  Mary Wheaton
Place:  Swansea, MA

Birth of Son:  21 FEB 1742/43
Name: Noah Wheaton

Birth of Daughter:  24 JUL 1746
Name: Prudence Wheaton

Birth of Daughter:  03 AUG 1748
Name: Dorcas Wheaton

Birth of Son:  13 JUL 1750
Name: Peres Wheaton

Birth of Son:  21 FEB 1751/52
Name: Samuel Wheaton

Birth of Daughter:  17 DEC 1753
Name: Sarah Wheaton

Birth of Son:  05 DEC 1755
Name: Rufus Wheaton

Birth of Son:  16 MAY 1757
Name: William Wheaton

Birth of Son:  02 NOV 1758
Name: Amos Wheaton

Birth of Son:  02 JUN 1762
Name: Amos Wheaton

1774 Census: Warren, Rhode Island
Details: Samuel Wheaton and his sons Noah and Perez appear on this census.

Land Rec: 1776
Details: Samuel WHEATON purchased 196 acres of land in the Jericho district of Berkshire Co., MA which was later to become the town of Hancock.


Click here to see parents:  Samuel Wheaton and Experience Pierce


Prudence Salisbury     

Birth:  15 Jan 1720 in Swansea,Bristol County,MA

1790 Census:  Census lists Pruda WHEATON with one other female living with her.


Click here to see parents:  William Salisbury and Bethiah Carpenter

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