Birth:  ABT 1764  Pennsylvania
Note:  Ezra Eby’s book “A Biographical History of Waterloo Township” 1895/96 shows the earliest recorded Cress relative to be a Simon Cress, born in Pennsylvania about the year 1764. This would indicate that Simon’s parents were the first generation to reside in America.

Note:  The origins of this Cress family are not clear. No written records exist to show where they might have lived in Europe, or when the first ancestors came to America.    In the early 1700s, it is known that a group of Mennonites, to escape the persecutions in mainland Europe, did leave to live in Limerick County, Ireland. There is some indication that there was a Cress family amongst them.

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Cress

Birth of Daughter:  Elizabeth Cress

Birth of Daughter:  Rachel Cress

Birth of Son:  Ephraim Cress

Birth of Son:  1804
Name:  Jacob Cress
Place:  Maryland

Moved to:  1806
Place: Waterloo Co, Ontario

Died:  ABT 1851

parents are unknown

Catherine ?     

parents are unknown


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