Birth: 06 SEP 1694 Eastham, Massachusetts

Name Var: Stephan

Marriage: 28 JUL 1691 to Anna Mulford

Military: 1745
Note: Served in the Louisburg Expedition.

Moved: ABT 1746
Place: to East Haddam, Connecticut

Land Rec: 13 JUN 1746
Note: On his first land purchase in East Haddam, he was listed as being of Eastham, MA

Birth of Son: 06 JUL 1719
Name: John Sparrow

Birth of Son: 05 FEB 1720/21
Name: Thomas Sparrow

Birth of Son: 18 MAR 1723
Name: Stephan Sparrow (a twin)

Birth of Daughter: 18 MAR 1723
Name: Elizabeth Sparrow (a twin)

Birth of Son: 1725
Name: Nathaniel Sparrow

Birth of Son: 16 JUL 1727
Name: Richard Sparrow

Birth of Son: 28 MAY 1730
Name: Joshua Sparrow

Birth of Daughter: 18 JUL 1731
Name: Apphia Sparrow

Birth of Son: 22 OCT 1735
Name: James Sparrow

Death: 09 SEP 1785

Burial: Tater Hill Cemetery, East Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Click here for Parents: John Sparrow and Apphia Tracey

Anna Mulford

Birth: 28 JUL 1691  Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Death: 26 JUN 1772  East Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut

Burial: Tater Hill Cemetery, East Haddam, Connecticut

Parents are Thomas Mulford and Mary Bassett

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