Birth:  25 APR 1663  Canton, Zurich, Switzerland

Name Var:  Aebi

Birth of Son:  1690
Name:  Peter Eby

Birth of Son:  Hannes Eby

Birth of Son:  Jacob Eby

Birth of Son:  Christian Eby

Birth of Daughter:  Elizabeth Eby

Birth of Son:  David Eby

Emmigration:  ABT 1704
Details:  He being a strict Mennonite in faith, left Switzerland about 1704 on account of religious persecutions.

Lived in:  1704 – 1715
Place:  Palatinate, Germany

Immigration:  1715
Details:  Finding persecutions equally severe as in the country previously left, he in company with his family and other co-religionists, left for Philadelphia in the spring of 1715.

Lived in:  Mill Creek, at a place now known as Roland’s Mill, situated south of New Holland and near the line of Earl and Leacock Twps, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.  Here he resided until his death and enjoyed the privileges and freedom of religion for which he had to suffer persecutions and trials in Europe.

Theodorus Eby Homestead

Note:  The sons were skilled in the various mechanical arts so that with their assistance, the old ancestor built a mill and erected such other buildings as were required, without employing persons outside of his family save for the burning of charcoal to supply the smith forge, which process they themselves did not sufficiently understand.

Death:  SEP 1727  Chester Co, Pennsylvania

Estate Filed for Probate:  1727 in Chester County (Lancaster County hadn’t been yet formed.)

Burial:  Eby Homestead Graveyard, Leacock, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Parents are Jacob Eby and ?

Barbli Dysli

Birth:  1670

Parents are unknown

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