Birth:  19 JUN 1685  Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

1st Marriage: 06 JUN 1706 to Elizabeth Chamberlain in Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Occupation: Cordwainer – or shoemaker who works only with new leather as opposed to a cobbler who works with old.

Birth of Daughter: 25 OCT 1707
Name: Jane Bentley

Birth of Daughter: 22 FEB 1709
Name: Mary Bentley

Birth of Son: 18 DEC 1710
Name:  William Bentley

Freeman: 1712
Place: Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Birth of Son: 05 JUL 1714
Name:  Benjamin Bentley

Birth of Son: 11 JUL 1717
Name:  Thomas Bentley

Note: MAR 1718
Details: He had a suit filed against him by Thomas Phillips for trespassing and answered that he rightly possesseth in the right of his father, William Bentley.

2nd Marriage: 20 MAY 1720  to Mary Reynolds

Will: 15 JUN 1772
Details:  Mentions wife, Mary, sons William and Benjamin, and grandson Caleb.

Death:  08 MAR 1778  Exeter, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Will Proved:  15 APR 1778

Click here for parents:  William Bentley and Sarah Eldred

Elizabeth Chamberlain     

Birth:     Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Death: 1718

Click here for parents:  Jacob Chamberlain and Mary Child

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