Baptized: 02 JAN 1602/03  Hawkhurst, Tunbridge Wells Borough, Kent, England

1st Marriage: 06 APR 1635 to Frances Bushnell

Note: 1635
Details:  Freeman in Newtown, now Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The Cambridge records show that he resided on the south side of Brattle St.

Moved to: JUN 1636
Place: Hartford Connecticut
Details:  He left Cambridge and went to Hartford, Connecticut, probably with Rev. Thomas Hooker, and became one of the founders of Hartford.  He was one of the original settlers of Hartford

Constable:  1639, 1663

Land Rec:14 JAN 1639
Details: The first record of Town proprietors of land in Hartford is set to him – 60acres.  His home lot was on the edge of the South Meadow, near the South end of Governor St.

Birth of Daughter: 1639
Name:  Clemence Hosmer
Place: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Land Rec:  1642
Details:  He owned land on the south side of Winthrop Street between Brighton and Spring Streets.

Townsman: 1643, 1671

Note:  Was Deputy several times

Birth of Son:  1645
Name:  Stephen Hosmer
Place: Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: Hannah Hosmer

Birth of Daughter: Hester Hosmer

2nd Marriage:  06 MAY 1679 to Mrs. Katherine Hoskins Wilton widow of Lieut.David Wilton
Details: The record of the minister of Windsor at that time, is as follows: May 6th, ’79, Goodman Osmer of Hartford, and the widow Wilton, that had been wife to David Wilton, were to be married at Hartford.

Will:  “The last Will and Testament of Mr. Thomas Hosmer, of Hartford” I, Thomas Hosmer, being aged and weak in body, not knowing the day of my death, doe count it my duty, that now while I have my perfect understanding and memory, to make this my last will and testament — in the disposing of what estate the Lord hath graciously given me. Imps. I give to my loving wife five pounds, and the agreement to be made good that was made betwixt her and myself upon the account of marriage, and if she desires it, to live in the house, and as she now liveth, the time of her widowhood. It. I give unto my grandson, Thomas Hosmer, one-third part of all my lands in Hartford, except what is otherwise disposed of by my will; also twenty pounds to stock said lands, all to be delivered him at twenty-one years of age, and in case he dyed before he attayne that age, then to be divided equally betwixt my son Stephen’s sons. It. I give to my son Buckingham one hundred and fifty pounds, part whereof is in his owne hands. It. I give unto my daughter Hunt, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, whereof the greater part is in her hands. It. I give unto my daughter, Hannah Malby, eighteen pounds, to her and her heirs forever, which is the revision due to me of the estate Josias Willard in Wethersfield. It. I give unto my son-in-law, Malby, five pounds. It. I give unto my three grand-children, Thoms Buckingham, Thomas Hunt and Hannah Hosmer, five pounds apiece, and to the rest of my grand-children, forty shillings apiece, to be paid the men at twenty-one years of age, the women at eighteen years of age; also, if any of my children shall bring up any of their children to learning so as to make them fit for publique service, to each such grand-child I doe bequeath ten pounds apiece to be payed them at the age of twenty-one years, or to their parents. It. I give five pounds towards a free school in Hartford, to be payed when there is any such settled effectually. I give to the poor forty shillings, as my executors shall see fit. It. I give my books to be equally divided betwixt my son Buckingham and my son Stephen. It. I give to the Rev. Mr. John Whiting five pounds. It. I give to my daughter Hunt and to my daughter Buckingham, twenty shillings apiece in money. It. I give to my son Buckingham, in money, forty shillings. It. I give to Reverend Mr. Samuel Hooker, in money, forty shillings. It. I give unto my son, Stephen Hosmer, three acres of my meadow land lying next Mr. Hooker, in Hartford south meadow, and my dwelling house and barn, and yard, and orchard, whome also I appoynt and ordain my sole executor of this my last will and testament. It. I give unto my daughter, Hannah Malby, forth shillings in money, and in case she should live to be a widow and in want, I do bequeath her twenty pounds more to be paid her as she needs it. It. I doe give unto the children of my kinsman, Thomas Seldon, forty shillings. And that is my last will and testament, I doe hereby ratify and confirm, by setting my hand and seal, this twenty-seventh day of February, one thousand six hundred and eighty-five. THOMAS HOSMER, and a seale. In presence of John Wilson, Nathaniel Cole, Ichabod Wells. The executor to have one year’s time to pay the legacies after by decease.

Memorial:  Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Death: 12 APR 1687  Northampton, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

Burial: Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

Inscription:  “Thomas Hosmer aged 83 yers. He dyed Aprill 12 1687.”

Click here to see parents:  Stephen Hosmer and Dorothy Selden

Frances Bushnell   

Birth: ABT 1602 Hawkhurst, Kent, England

Death: 15 FEB 1675 Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Inscription:  “Wife of Thomas, age 73”

Parents are unknown

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