Born: probably 1612 in Kent, England

Birth of Son: 1636
Name: Thomas Bunce

Living: 1639
Place: Hartford, Hartford Twp, Hartford Co, Connecticut
Note: Was a proprietor “by courtesie of the town.”

Land: 1639/40
Note: His home lot was near the site of the present Capitol

Military: 1640
Note: Saw action in the Pequot Wars, serving under Captain Thomas Bull.

Note: Thomas’ house was on land which is near the site of the state capitol.

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1645
Name: Sarah Bunce

Birth of Daughter: 17 SEP 1645
Name: Mary Bunce

Birth of Daughter: Elizabeth Bunce

Office Held: 1646 and 1670
Note: Chimney Viewer

Office Held: 1648
Note: Constable

Office Held: 1649
Note: Juror

Birth of Son: ABT 1650
Name: John Bunce

Office Held: 1653, 1661, and 1665
Note: Townsman or Selectman

Office Held: 1669, 1671, 1672, 1673
Note: Rate and List Maker

Religion: 12 FEB 1670
Note: Thomas and wife, Sarah, were members of the South Church, Hartford, Connecticut.

Land: 1671
Note: Was granted 60 acres for good service in the Pequot war

Land: 1672
Note: Was granted 50 acres for good service in the Pequot war.

Will: Appoints “beloved brethren, Ensign Nathaniel Standly and Steven Hosmore” overseers.


Death: BEF AUG in 1683

Inventory: JUL and AUG 1683
Note: 1,024 pounds. He names in his will his wife, Sarah, “cousin Elizabeth White,” and “sister Katherine Clark.”

Parents are unknown


Sarah Bull

Death: JAN 1693/94

Parents are unknown

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