Born:  1613  Sandwich, Kent Co, England
Note:  Date based on freemanship (and consistent with date of marriage).

Immigration:  Came on the ship “Lyon” which sailed from Bristol in 1629/30 and arrived at Salem, Massachusetts in FEB 1630.

Living:  AUG 1633
Place:  Dorchester, Massachusetts

Occupation:  farmer
Note:  Inventory indicates only agricultural activity at a subsistence level.

Freeman:  14 MAY 1634
Note:  Membership in Dorchester church prior to 14 May 1634 implied by freemanship.

Land Rec:  01 DEC 1634
Detail:  Granted 8 acre lot in Dorchester

Land Rec:  05 JUL 1635
Detail:  Granted 2 acres of mowing ground

Land Rec:  12 AUG 1635
Detail:  “Thomas Duee” sold to Richard Jones five parcels in Dorchester: “4 acres of ground with my house and all thereto belonging, also 8 acres of ground of my great lot, also ten acres of meadow on the side Naponset, and 4 acres of meadow on the other side, and 2 acres of meadow in the fresh marsh”

Marriage:   22 MAR 1638/39  to Frances Clark in Windsor
Note:  Frances was a widow, but the name of her first husband is unknown, and she had one daughter with him, the Mary Clark in Dewey’s estate distribution

Birth of Son:  16 FEB 1639/40
Name:  Thomas Dewey

Land Inventory:  28 FEB 1640
Note:   In the Windsor land inventory Thomas Dewey held on 28 February 1640 five parcels which he had received by grant: seven acre homelot; four acres and a quarter in Great Meadow; a planting lot over the Great River, eighteen rods wide; thirteen acres and a half in the Northwest Field; and a parcel of sixteen acres (the last two parcels annotated in the margin “sold to Thomas Stouton”). The same inventory (including additions after 28 February 1640) showed that Thomas Dewey had purchased several pieces of land: from Eltweed Pomeroy, a parcel of meadow; from William Hosford, an acre and eighteen rods in Norwest Field, and six rods in the Great Meadow; from Thomas Stayres, three acres and a quarter, and a parcel in Norwest Field; from John Mason, a lot over the Great River (in exchange for five acres in the Great Meadow); of Nicholas Denslow, half an acre in Norwest Field; and of Michael Try, three-quarters of an acre in the Great Meadow

Birth of Son:  10 OCT 1641 (baptized)
Name:  Josiah Dewey

Office Held:  1642 – 1645
Note:  Served as a juror.   Jury member for Particular Court of Connecticut on six occasions between 2 March 1642/3 and 22 November 1647

Birth of Daughter:  15 OCT 1643 (baptized)
Name:  Anne Dewey

Birth of Son:  25 SEP 1645
Name:  Israel Dewey

Birth of Son:  15 DEC 1647
Name:  Jedediah Dewey

Birth of Son:  John Dewey

Death:  27 APR 1648  Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Estate Inventory:  19 MAY 1648
Note:  The inventory of the estate of Thomas Dewey totaled £213, of which £118 was real estate: “one house and barn with the homelot, in quantity about one acre & quarter,” £40; seven acres of meadow adjoining the houselot, £20; four acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow, £13; three acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow, £10; five acres, eight rods and a half in the Great Meadow, £15; and “two parcels of upland about 29 acres & half,” £20

Distribution of Estate:  17 OCT 1648
Note:  The distribution of the estate was made on 17 October 1648: to the relict, £60; to “his eldest son by name Thomas Dewy,” £30; and to the other five children £20 apiece. The children were listed as follows: “Six children, 4 boys, 2 girls: one girl Mary Clark 12 years old; one son Thomas Dewye 8 years [old]; Josiah Dewey 7 years old; Annah Dewey 5 years old; Isreall Dewey 3 years old; Jydidiah Dewey 3 quarters of a year old.”

Estate:  04 JUN 1663  
Note:  At Hartford Court three men judged “the difference of the land of Thomas Dewey deceased for an equal division amongst the children of the said Dewey,” and they agreed that “Thomas Dewey the eld~est son” should have five acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow (accompanied by the marginal notation that this was sold to Samuel Marshall), one acre and fifty-three rods of meadow (accompanied by the marginal notation that this was sold to John Strong), and “a quarter part or four acres and half in a parcel of swamp land as it is to be divided betwixt him and his three brothers Josia, Isrell, Jededia”


Parents are unknown


Frances Randall     

Birth:  1611  England

1st Marriage:  to ? Clark
Note:  She had one daughter, Mary Clark, with him.

2nd Marriage:  22 MAR 1638/39  to Thomas Dewey in Windsor

3rd Marriage:  2 NOV 1648  to George Phelps in Windsor
Note:  She had three children with him.

Death: 27 SEP 1690

Parents are unknown

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