1st Marriage: to Isabel Bryan

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1621
Name: Abigail Ufford

Birth of Son: Thomas Ufford

Birth of Son: ABT 1626
Name:  John Ufford

Lived in: Nazeing, Essex, England
Details: Thomas and John were baptized there.

Birth of Daughter: Isobel Ufford

Immigration: 16 SEP 1632
Details:  Came from London, England to Boston, MA in 1632 on the “Lion” with his wife, two sons and a daughter.

Freeman: 04 MAR 1633/4
Place: Roxbury

Note: 1639
Details: Founder of Milford, Connecticut

Occupation:  “free planter”

Religion: 11 FEB 1645
Place: Milford Church
Details: Joined a party of settlers lead by Rev. Peter Prudden which settled in Milford.

Land Records: Many are available

2nd Marriage:  to Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Theale

Death: 1660

Inventory:  06 DEC 1660
Details:  Showed that he had land in Milford and Stratford amounting to 289 pounds, 12 shillings & 7 pence.

Burial: Possibly buried in Rev. Peter Prudden’s garden – no tombstone remains
Details: The eastern end of Rev. Prudden’s garden, plot 40, was first utilized by the settlers as a burying place.  This locality was used as a burying place until 1675.  The present burying ground was acquired about that time.  – Historical Sketches of the Town of Milford

Parents are unknown

Isabel Bryan     


Religion:  1645
Details:  Admitted to the Milford Church

Death: ABT 1654

Parents are unknown

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