Baptism:  12 OCT 1595  Bishopsgate, Stortford, Essex Co, England

1st Marriage:  29 JAN 1621to Alice Thurgood  Bishopsgate, Stortford, Essex Co, England

2nd Marriage:  06 NOV 1625  Farnham, Essex Co, England

Occupation:  William was a point maker (lace tags used before buttons)

Birth of Daughter: Annis Chandler

Birth of Daughter: 23 MAY 1629
Name:  Hannah Chandler

Birth of Son: 09 AUG 1630
Name: Thomas Chandler

Birth of Son: 23 AUG 1632
Name: Henry Chandler

Birth of Son: 27 AUG 1634
Name: John Chandler

Birth of Son: 20 MAR 1636
Name: William Chandler

Immigration: 1635-37

Settled in:  Roxbury, Massachusetts

Occupation:  Tanner

Birth of Daughter: 1638
Name: Sarah Chandler
Place:  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Freeman: 13 MAY 1640
Place: Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Note:  William and Hannah were industrious, economical, sober, pious and respected. With Christian fortitude and submission they endured their trials, privations and dangers, of which they had a large share. They brought up a large family well and trained them in the way they should go, from which they did not depart.

Land Rec: Homestead consisted of 22 acres in Roxbury

Death: 26 NOV 1641  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Details:  According to the Roxbury Church records, “1641, month 11: day 26 and the records say “William Chandler a Christian and godly brother dyed of a Consumption.”

Contemporary opinion of William from Roxbury records:   “He lived a very religious and godly life among us and fell into a consumption to which he had a long time inclined; he lay near a year sick in all which time his faith, patience and holiness contentation so shined that Christ was much glorified in him.   He was a man of weak parts but Excellent faith and holiness; he was a Very thankful man and much magnified God’s goodness.  He was poor but God prepared the hearts of his people to him that he never wanted that which was (at least in his esteem) Very plentiful and Comfortable to him.  He died about in the year 1641 and left a sweet memory behind him.” – Rev. John Eliot wrote, “A Christian, godly brother.”

Burial:  19 JAN 1641/42 Old North Cemetery, Concord, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire
Note:  Not sure if he’s buried here or if this is just the location of his memorial

Click here to see parents:  Henry Chandler and Anne ?

Annis Bayford     

Birth: 12 JUN 1603  Farnham, Essex Co, England

2nd Marriage: 02 JUL 1643  to John Dane, Roxbury, Massachusetts

3rd Marriage: 09 AUG 1660  to John Parmenter, Roxbury, Massachusetts

Death:  15 MAR 1683  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Burial: South Church Cemetery, Andover, Essex Co, Massachusetts

parents are Frances Bayford and Johan ?

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