Birth:  1595  England

Birth of Son:  1624
Name:  John Comstock

Birth of Son:  1628
Name:  Samuel Comstock
Place:  Devon, England

Birth of Son:  1630
Name:  Daniel Comstock

Birth of Daughter:  1633
Name:  Elizabeth Comstock
Place:  Culmstock, Devon, England

Immigration:  1635 to Massachusetts Colony with his wife, Elizabeth and four or five of his children

Moved to:  Wethersfield, Connecticut shortly after immigrating

Birth of Son:  07 OCT 1635
Name:  Christopher Comstock
Place:  Connecticut

Military:  He was one of 26 men from Wethersfield in the expedition commanded by Capt. John Mason that captured the Pequot fort at Mystic, Connecticut.

Land Rec:  1647
Details:  He moved his family to New London, where he had received a grant of land.  

Note:  1651
Details:  He worked with John Winthrop to establish a corn mill, and in 1651 he “wrought on the mill dam”. This mill is still in existence.

Note:  1662
Details:  “Olde Goodman Comstock” was elected Sextant, “to order youth in the meeting house, sweep the meeting house and beat out dogs,” at 40 shillings per year, to dig all graves, and have 4s for an adult grave, and 2s for children.

Death:  ABT 1683  New London, New London Co, Connecticut
Details:  The date of his death is unknown, but the history of New London states that he lived to an old age, on Post Hill near the north corner of Williams and Vauxhall streets.

parents are William Goodman Comstock and Margaret Law

Elizabeth ?

Birth:  17 OCT 1608 Devon, England

Death:  AFT 1665  New London, New London Co, Connecticut

parents are unknown

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