Birth: 06 JUN 1609  Baldock, Hertfordshire, England

Immigration:  1633
Details: Emigrated from Stevenage, England and settled in Newtowne (now Cambridge, Massachusetts.)

Moved to: ABT 1636
Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Details:  So many immigrants had arrived that they decided to move from Cambridge about the beginning of June 1636. Led by Reverend Hooker and Mr. Stone, his assistant, about 100 men, women and children traveled more than 100 miles, through a hideous, tractless wilderness to Hartford. They made their way over mountains, through thickets and swamps, that were only passable with great difficulty. They had no cover but the heavens. They drove with them 160 cattle and subsisted on their milk. Mrs. Hooker, being in a feeble state, was borne upon a litter.

Marriage: JUN 1636  Hartford, Connecticut

Lived in: FEB 1639
Details: Hartford, Connecticut.   William drew lots 6 and 8 on Burr Street (now North Main). His lot was on the east side of the road that led to the cow pasture.

Birth of Daughter:   01 FEB 1641
Name: Elizabeth Pratt
Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Birth of Son:   23 FEB 1644/45
Name: John Pratt
Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Moved: 1645
Place:  to Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut
Details:  Lt. William sold his land in Hartford to Matthew Beckwith and followed his former commander in the Pequot War (John Mason) to Saybrook, Connecticut with his family. John Mason had been made Commander of the fort at Saybrook. William settled in the Saybrook Point area, not far from the fort.

Note: 1647
Details: After the fort burned, he joined a group of men to survey the “Outlands”, a name previously given to the Essex area.

Moved to: 1648
Details: Essex, Connecticut.  His lot and home in Essex were in the region now occupied by the Rope Walk. He was also the owner of 100 acres of land in Hebron, which was left to hin by Indian friends who he met when he went on an expedition in th Pequot War in 1637. He was the largest landowner in the Potapoug Quarter.

Birth of Son:   01 AUG 1648
Name: Joseph Pratt
Place: Saybrook, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  01 APR 1651/52
Name: Sarah Pratt
Place: Saybrook, Connecticut

Freeman: 07 MAY 1651

Birth of Son:   15 MAY 1653
Name: William Pratt
Place: Saybrook, Connecticut

Birth of Son:   06 OCT 1654
Name: Samuel Pratt
Place: Saybrook, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  01 JAN 1659
Name: Lydia Pratt
Place: Saybrook, Connecticut

Birth of Son:   1662
Name: Nathaniel Pratt

Military:  He was commissioned to a lieutenant of the Train Band (militia) in 1661 and a deputy for Saybrook to Hartford from 1666 to 1676.

Town Commissioner: 1666-1670

Note: 1666-1678
Details:  He represented Saybrook, which included Essex, in the General Assembly from 1666 to 1678 until he died.

Note: 1678
Details: William built his new home in Essex in 1678. It was finished just before his death. He died at the homestead.

Death:  19 OCT 1678  Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

parents are Rev. William Pratt and Elizabeth ?     

See detailed info:


Elizabeth Clark  

Birth:  1622  Baldock, Hertfordshire, England

2nd Marriage: 1683  to William Parker Sr.

Death: 1692  Connecticut

parents are John Clark and ?  – Elizabeth’s father was John Clark, Sr., who also came with Rev. Hooker. He first lived in Cambridge, MA, then Hartford, CT, and later moved to Milford, CT. His second wife, Mary, was the widow of John Fletcher. John Clark, Sr. died in 1674. He had a brother, George Clark.

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