Birth: 12 MAY 1622 in Denbighshire, Wales

Lived in: 1648
Place: Dorchester, Suffolk Co. MA
Details: Was herdsman of the town cattle

Birth of Son:  ABT 1658
Name:  John Salisbury

Birth of Son:  14 Aug 1659
Name:  William Salisbury
Place:  Dorchester/Boston, MA

Birth of Daughter:  1660
Name: Abigail Salisbury

Birth of Daughter:  27 APR 1662
Name: Susannah Salisbury

Moved to:  18 May 1664
Place: Milton, Norfolk County, MA
Details:  He settled in Milton, part of Dorchester and signed an agreement for the parsonage of land May 18,1664.

Birth of Daughter:  18 May 1665
Name: Hannah Salisbury

Birth of Son:  17 May 1666
Name: Samuel Salisbury

Birth of Son:  7 Oct 1668
Name: Cornelius Salisbury

Birth of Daughter:  20 Apr 1671
Name: Hannah Salisbury

Moved to: 1671
Place: Swansea, Bristol County, MA
Note:  A list of the men of Swansea, eight soldiers recorded at Plymouth, includes the names of William and John Salisbury.

Birth of Daughter:  1673
Name: Elizabeth Salisbury

Birth of Son:  5 May 1675
Name: Joseph Salisbury

Note:  The following is a passage from “Plymouth Colony, its History & People 1620-1691″, describing the events of June 23 & 24, 1675: The Indians were looting various deserted houses when two white men, and old man and his son, appeared on the scene. Seeing three Indians run out of the house, the old man told his son to shoot, which he did. One Indian was hit, but got away. Later some Indians came to the Garrison and asked why they shot the Indian, letting them know that he had died. The son said it was no matter. Some of the others tried to let the Indians know that they did not feel so callous about the death, but the Indians went away in haste. Benjamin Church later recalled that on a march, in June past the burned out houses South of Swansea, the English troops witnessed this gruesome sight:”And soon after,eight more at Mattapoiset,upon whose bodies they (the Indians) exercised more brutish barbarities, beheading, dismembering and mangling them and exposing them in a most inhuman manner. Which gashed and ghostly objects struck a damp on all beholders… They marched until they came to the narrow neck, at a place called Keekkauit, where they took down the heads of eight Englishmen that were killed at the head of Metapoiset Neck and set upon poles, after the barbarous manner of the savages.” Vital records sent to Plymouth by Nicholas Tanner, Swansea Town Clerk, showed that nine males were buried at Swansea on 24 (sic)June:Gershom Cobb, Joseph Lewis, John Salisbury,John Jones, John Fall,Nehemiah Allin, Robert Jones, William Cahoone and William Salisbury (a tenth, William Hammond, was killed later and buried 29 June). King Philip’s War came to an end on August 12, 1676 when one of Col. Benjamin Church’s Indian Rangers (John Alderman) killed King Phillip. Upon inspection of Phillip’s body, Church is quoted as saying, “a doleful, great, naked, dirty beast”!! Phillip was shot, drawn and quartered and beheaded. His severed head was reportedly displayed at Plymouth for twenty years.

Note: William and John Salisbury have the sad honor of being the men that started the King Phillips War 1675-1676.

Memorial:  The memorial site for the men is located in Massachusetts very near the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border near the place in Massachusetts called North Swansea and the Rhode Island towns of Barrington and Warren. Location as follows:Near US 6 going East, before the junction of RI Route 136, there is a large yellow auto body building on the right. Just before it is a road at about a 30 degree angle off US 6 with a sign: Bridge Out. This was the bridge where William Hammond was ambushed and killed. At an intersection before the bridge, across from a big white house on the corner, is the historic plaque on a large boulder. Inscription as follows: Myles Garrison House Site near this spot stood the John Myles Garrison House. The place of meetings of the troops of Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies commanded by Majors Thomas Savage and James Cudworth, who marched to the relief of Swansea at the opening of King Phillips War A.D. 1675. There fell in Swansea, Slain by the Indians: Nehemiah Allin, William Hammond, William Cahoone,John Jones, Gershom Cobb, Robert Jones, John Druce, Joseph Lewis, John Fall, John Salisbury and William Salisbury. To mark this historic site, the monument was erected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts A.D. 1912. 

Death: 24 Jun 1675 in Swansea, Bristol County, MA

Burial: 24 Jun 1675  Milton, Massachusetts

Parents are John Salisbury of Llanrhaidr 14th Generation and ?

William Salisbury is a proven descendant of the royal Salisbury family of Lleweni Hall, Denbigshire, Wales whose Salisbury lineage extends back to Henry Guelph, Duke of Bavaria. This relationship includes the royal Tudor (direct) and Plantagenet (indirect)families of England and Wales (Sir John Salisbury married Katherine “of Berain” Tudor as relatives through marriage. However, according to other genealogical sources, including, William Salisbury is listed as a direct descendant of Sir John Salisbury (son of Sir John Salisbury and Katherine Tudor). It is said that the Salisbury family of Denbigshire, Wales were given special appointments due to their good standing with the Tudor Monarchs.

Susanna ?     

Birth:  1624  Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Religion: 07 MAY 1677
Details:  Widow Salisbury was admitted to full communion at Dorchester Church.  All her 8 children were baptized there on 1 July 1677

Religion: 18 September 1681
Details:  She was dismissed to join the newly formed church at Milton, MA. [Milton was formed from part of Dorchester]

Death: 16 SEP 1684 Swansea, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

parents are unknown

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