Born: 1609  England

Military:  He commanded a company during King Philip’s War.

1st Marriage:  to Sarah ?

Birth of Daughter: Sarah Clark

Birth of Son: Jonathan Clark

Birth of Son: Nathaniel Clark

Birth of Child: Experience Clark

Birth of Child: Increase Clark

Birth of Daughter: Rebecca Clark

Birth of Son: John Clark

Birth of Son: Samuel Clark

Birth of Son: William Clark

Birth of Daughter: Sarah Clark

2nd Marriage: to Sarah Slye

Death:  18 JUL 1690  Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Burial:  Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  John Strong and Abigail Ford

Sarah ?  


Death:  06 SEP 1675 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown

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