Birth: 26 SEP 1782  Connecticut

Tax List:  1802  Pendleton Co, Kentucky

Marriage:  19 JUN 1805  Pendleton Co, Kentucky
Note:  Their marriage bond reads:  Know all men by these present that we Zadock Hawkins and William Cooper are held and firmly bound unto Christopher Greenup, Esp., Gov of this Commonwealth for the time being and his successors in the full and just sum of 50 pounds.
    19 JUN 1805
    The condition of the above obligation is such that as whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Zadock Hawkins and Jane Cooper of this county.  If there is no lawful cause to obstruct the marriage then the above obligation to be void and to remind in full force and virtue in law.
    Signed: Zedick (X) Hawkins and William Cooper

Birth of Daughter:  21 JUL 1806
Name:  Malinda Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  31 AUG 1808
Name:  Denica Hawkins
Place:  Covington, Grant Co, Kentucky

Charges Filed Against:  1809
Note:  Zadock, his uncle Thomas, and several others were charged with creating a disturbance which was apparently created as a diversion to afford an opportunity for George Buskirk to escape from jail.  Thomas was convicted; but, public sentiment must have been with him for he was fined only one cent.  The reason for Mr. Buskirk’s confinement remains a mystery.

1810 Census:  Pendleton Co, Kentucky

Charges Filed Against:  APR 1810
Note:  Zadock was indicted along with his uncle Thomas Hawkins and Robert McMullin.  The charges stated that they, “On 6 Apr. 1809 in Campbell County did feloniously steal, take and lead away one mare of a bay color of the goods of James Burns of Campbel County, a farmer, on the Dry Ridge in said county.”  They pleaded “not guilty.”  When the evidence against Zadock and his uncle was heard, the charges against them were dismissed, the prosecuting attorney for the commonwealth not being willing to bring a case against them with the evidence he had.  Robert McMullin was tried and acquitted.

Birth of Daughter:  28 MAY 1810
Name:  Lucenia Hawkins

Birth of Son:  ABT 1812
Name:  Elisha Hawkins

Birth of Son:  ABT 1815
Name:  Zadock Hawkins


Birth of Son:  01 JUN 1818
Name:  Ezra Eleazer Hawkins

Moved to:  1819  Cincinnati, Ohio

City Directory:  1820  Cincinnati, Ohio

Birth of Son:  06 MAY 1822
Name:  William W. Hawkins

Church Member:  OCT 1822
Place:  Grant Co, Kentucky
Note:  Zadock joined the Mt. Nebo Particular Baptist Church, which he left two years later.

Ejectment Suit:  10 NOV 1824
Note:  Zadock, along with Ezekiel Hill, James Fallenash, Robert Lowe, Jseoph Zinn and John Hill were charged by Daniel M. Payne or Daniel McPayne in an ejectment suit in court.  No doubt they felt they would lose the suit, because none of the defendants appeared in court.  As a result, Zadock was thrown off land he claimed to own, which did not belong to him.  This was actually quite common at the time in both Kentucky and Virginia.  Before Kentucky became a state, it had been part of Virginia.  Neither state kept good land records either before or after they divided.  The sale of land was often done directly between individuals without being recorded in a government office.  Sometimes sellers were downright unscrupulous and intentionally sold land more than once.  Sometimes if a person failed to make payment, the original owner would “reclaim” the land and resell it to someone else, all without an official record.  So it was not uncommon for multiple people to believe they had legitimate claims on land.  Zadock came up on the losing end of one of these ejectment suits and lost his land.


Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1825
Name:  Mary Jane Hawkins
Married: Ira D Way on 15 FEB 1849
Died: 1892 in Ottawa, IL


Land Record:  26 OCT 1825
Note:  Bought 200 acres in Grant Co, Kentucky.  “There is granted by the Commonwealth unto Zadock Hawkins a certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred acres by survey bearing date the twenty sixth day of October one thousand eight hundred and twenty five lying and being in the County of Grand on the waters of Eagle Creek and bounded as followeth to wit.  Beginning at two beeches & sugar tree on the bank of Eagle Creek where James Mitchell’s line crosses said Creek below Zadock Hawkins’ improvement thence with said Mitchell’s line S 39 degrees East 130 poles to two beeches and two sugar trees on a drain thence S 60 degrees W 250 poles crossing Eagle Creek to four sugar trees and black ash at the head of a drain thence N 60 degrees East 250 poles crossing said Creek to the Beginning.  (The use of so many trees as boundary markers may explain why many people in Kentucky were involved in and lost land disputes in court.)

Birth of Son:  11 NOV 1827
Name:  Elijah F. Hawkins

1830 Census:  Bartholomew Co, Indiana

1840 Census:  German Twp, Bartholomew Co, Indiana

13 MAY 1840:  Bartholonew Co, Indiana
Note:  It was ordered that William Brown guardian of the Heirs of John Cooper deceased pay to Zadock Hawkins the sum of twenty dollars and sixty two and a half cents in full of his account for boarding George Cooper and Dorcas Cooper infant heirs of the said John Cooper.”  John Cooper was the brother of Jane Cooper and it appears that after John Cooper and his wife Ruth Owens died, Zadock and Jane cared for the children.

1850 Census:  28 SEP 1850
Place:  Richland Twp, Fulton Co, Indiana
Note:  Wife, Jane is also in household.  Next-door neighbors are William and Malinda Owens with a laborer named Henry Cooper.  Henry might be related to his wife, Jane.  The Owens could possibly be the parents of Telitha Ann Owens (Zadock’s daughter-in-law).

Death:  26 FEB 1859
Place:  Lake Maxinkuckee, Union Twp, Marshall Co, Indiana

Buried:  Lawson Graveyard (also known as Washington Cemetery)
Note: Burial position in graveyard is in the southwest corner of the cemetery, only a few paces from the road.

Click here to see parents:  Zadock Hawkins and Elizabeth ?

(regardless of family story, we believe Zadock was really born in Connecticut.)

On September 26, 1782, there was born, somewhere in England, a baby boy, a direct descendent, so it is claimed, of Sir John Hawkins, the fearless English Admiral who fought against the Spanish Armada, and of Sir John’s son, Sir Richard, who with his followers took part in Drake’s raid and put to flight a horde of pirates on the Spanish main.

Be this as it may this little boy grew to manhood and emigrated perhaps for adventure’s sake, perhaps on account of religious persecutions, to America, the land of the free, where all peoples were permitted to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience.

He first located in Connecticut and later in Cincinnati, Ohio. One night in Cincinnati, he put up at a little house or tavern in a part of the city known for years as ‘Over the Rhine’, or what was really just across the canal from the rest of the city. He was conducted to a bed in the loft, just one story up, and during the night was awakened by low voices in the room below. Being an inquisitive nature, he cautiously slipped out of bed, placed his ear near a small opening in the floor and overheard two men plotting to kill him, take what money he had and throw him into the canal.

More cautious now than ever, he put on his clothing, carefully raised the window and let himself to the ground, making a safe get-away. Had he not done this there would be no reunion of the Hawkins family today, as that little boy, now grown to manhood, was our own Grandfather Zadock Hawkins.

The Hawkins homestead was east of Lake Maxinkuckee. Ezra Hawkins locates it some distance south of the present Road 10, and a bit north of the Vonnecut Orchards. It was on the dirt road that extends east from the lake at the K. K. Culver cottage, being on the south side of the road and somewhat east of its junction with the Maxinkuckee village road. The land later used to be the Barney Adamson place. Zadock Hawkins came there the year President Buchanan took office, Mr. Hawkins recalls. That was 1857. But more than likely it was sometime before that, for Ezra is now 81. The homesite east of the lake was the first place the family went to from Kentucky. ‘As near as I can tell, ‘Ezra Hawkins says, ‘I was born there. It was the original Hawkins homestead. From there, we moved across the lake to a location west of the Doctor Dorr farm, a little southwest of Culver, on the ‘Doll Road’.’

Jane Cooper     

Birth:  28 JUL 1787  Virginia

Death:  26 SEP 1855
Place:  Lake Maxinkuckee, Union Twp, Marshall Co, Indiana
Note:  Burial position is in the second row of graves from the west boundary of the cemetery, adjoining that of Zadock Hawkins.

parents are William Cooper and Martha ?

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