Birth: 10 SEP 1810 Bedford City, St. Clair Twp, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania

1830 Census:  Living with parents?

1st Marriage: ABT 1832 probably Bedford Co, Pennsylvania to Susannah Garn
Note: Susannah was Abraham’s second cousin

Birth of Daughter:  1833
Name:  Sophia Garn

Birth of Son:  08 MAR 1834
Name:  John Washington Garn
Place:  Ohio

Land Record: 28 MAY 1835
Place: 87.84 acres, Ohio, Bucyrus office Record # 12134

Birth of Son:  18 MAR 1836
Name:  David Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  16 AUG 1838
Name:  Samuel Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio


1840 Census: Jackson Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio
Note:  Males:  3 (0-5); 1 (5-10); 1 (30-40)
              Females: 1 (0-5); 1 (20-30)

Birth of Daughter:  04 NOV 1841
Name:  Mary Garn

Birth of Son:  24 APR 1843
Name:  Philip James Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  21 JUN 1845
Name:  Martin Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  09 JUN 1848
Name:  Joshua Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  01 SEP 1849
Name:  Benjamin Franklin Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

1850 Census:  12 SEP 1850
Place:  Jackson Twp, Sandusky Co, Ohio
Note: Wife, Susannah, and eight children are living in household.  Also, Rebecca Cox, age 21 is living with the family.

Birth of Son:  31 AUG 1851
Name:  George Washington Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  21 AUG 1853
Name:  Mandus Edward Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Birth of Son:  16 AUG 1855
Name:  Francis Aaron Garn
Place:  Sandusky, Ohio

Moved to: 1858
Place: Burr Oak, Union Twp, Marshall Co., Indiana

Birth of Daughter:  22 NOV 1858
Name:  Sarah Ellen Garn
Place:  Culver, Marshall Co, Indiana


1860 Census:  Union Twp, Marshall Co, Indiana

2nd Marriage: 18 Nov 1866 in Summit Co., Ohio to Lydia (Baughman) Crocker
Note:  Abraham’s second wife was Lydia (Baughman) Crocker. The Civil War Pension File of Lydia’s first husband, Myron Crocker, provides evidence that his Myron’s wife was Lydia Baughman and that after Myron’s death in the Civil War, Lydia remarried to Abraham Garn of Union Twp., Marshall Co., Ohio. The file reports the dates and places of both marriages and names three of Myron and Lydia’s children who were minors at the time she applied for a widow’s pension. When she married Abraham Garn, the two youngest were still minors. Guardianship Papers executed in Marshall Co., Indiana, named David Garn as guardian of her two minor children, this David Garn being a son of Abraham Garn. – Lynn Garn

1870 Census:  25 AUG 1870
Place:  Union, Marshall Co, Indiana
Note:  Wife, Lydia, and five children are also in household.  A servant girl named Mary Crocker is also living with the family.

Land – Death of Father:  12 MAY 1873
Note:  The distribution of assets in the will of John Garn, father of Abraham Garn, has until recently been a bit confusing because much more of John Garn’s assets went to Abraham Garn’s sisters than to Abraham.  

The will of this John Garn’s may be found in Appendix 9 in The Garn Family including Carn, Garnes, Garns, and Gern, which was compiled by Lynn E. Garn, who is Ancestry user LGarn7463. The appendix is attached to John Garn in the Garn tree that LGarn7463 posted on Ancestry. The entire second edition of the book may be downloaded at no cost on the Internet.  

John Garn’s will gave parcels of land to his living, widowed daughter Christina (Garn) Miller and her children. The will also gave land to John Garn’s other grandchildren, who were children of his deceased daughter Catherine Garn, who had married her second cousin, also named John Garn, who was designated as John Garn, Jr., in the will and known as John Garn, Jr., the community.  

The above-mentioned confusion stems from the small amount that John Garn gave to his son Abraham in his will compared to the amounts given to his daughters or their descendants. Abraham received $10 in the will whereas his daughters or their descendants received in excess of 80 acres of land, undoubtedly valued at in excess of thousands of dollars at the time.  

In 1831 John Garn paid $200 for a patent for 168 acres of land, which was the NE quarter of Section 6 of Jackson Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. This land is one of two patents reported in the biography of John Garn in the above-mentioned Garn book. Although the land associated with the other patent was part of land given to John Garn’s daughter Christina in his will, the 168 acres of land that he received in Section 6 of Jackson Twp. was not reported as an asset in his will and was obviously disposed of prior to the writing of his will.  

Land records for Section 6 of Jackson Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio, reveal that John Garn sold the 168 acres of land in Section 6 to Abram Garn in 1847 for $500. Since John Garn paid $200 for the land in 1831, the land appreciated by a factor of about 2.5 in sixteen years, equivalent to about 6% appreciation each year that John Garn owned the land.  

Abraham Garn sold the land in 1857 for $5000, an appreciation by a factor of 10 in ten years, which is equivalent to about 26% appreciation per year that Abraham Garn owned the land. Note that the land increased in value by 2.5 times during sixteen years when John Garn owned it and by 10 times in the ten years that Abraham Garn owned it. This suggests that Abraham Garn purchased his land from his father at a bargain price and that the bargain may be the reason Abraham received only a token amount of the assets in John Garn’s will.  

Various records suggest that Abraham Garn moved from Sandusky Co., Ohio, to Marshall Co., Indiana, around 1858. The sale of this land in 1857 is consistent with Abraham’s move around that time.  

Lynn E. Garn
Ancestry user: LGarn7463

1880 Census:  15 JUN 1880
Place:  Beatrice, Gage Co, Nebraska

Death: 29 JAN 1890 Burr Oak, Marshall Co., Indiana

Burial: Burr Oak Cemetery, Union, Marshall Co., IN

Obituary: 07 FEB 1890
Place: Marshall Co, Indiana
Note: from The Republican, Friday, February 7, 1890. This was a publication from Marshall County, Indiana.

Death of Abram Garn Abram Garn, for over 31 years a resident of Burr Oak Flats, died Wednesday night of last
week, January 29th, aged 80 years, 4 months and 24 days. Deceased was born in Bedford county, Pa., Sept. 10,
1810, went to Ohio from Pennsylvania and came from there to Marshall county in 1858, settled on the farm
where he died and where he had ever since lived, near the village of Burr Oak, in Union township. He was the father of
15 children, nine of whom are now living; John, in Fulton County, David, in West township, George, Mandas, P. J. and
B. F. in Union township, Martin, in Michigan, Joshua in Nebraska and Mrs. Sarah E. Weirman in Paulding county,
Ohio. All of these children are prominent citizens in the communities in which they reside. Abram Garn was an
honest, industrious, quiet citizen, respected by all who knew him. He was twice married; his first wife died in
1866, his second is still living, aged 72 years. His death was caused by rheumatism and softening of the brain. The
remains were interred at the Voreis cemetery, Friday, Rev. Mr. Tracy and Rev. Mr. Dustin conducting the funeral
services which were largely attended. Deceased was a member of the Evangelical church. All of his children except
Joshua and Martin were at his bedside when he died.

Will: 05 FEB 1889
Note: Last Will and testament of Abraham Garn, Dec’d – Record of Will, No. C, Page 103, recorded the 3rd day of
February 1890 in Marshall Co., Indiana. In the name of the Benevolent Father of all. I, Abraham Garn of Marshall
County, State of Indiana, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1st. – I direct that all of my just debts and charges against my estate be first paid.

Item 2nd. – I do hereby will and direct that after my wife Lydia Garn has taken the Five Hundred Dollars due her as
my widow under the law, that all the remainder of my personal property and real estate be sold as soon as practicable by my Executor hereinafter by me appointed and the proceeds of the sale of my personal and real estate shall be divided as follows: One third of entire proceeds received from the sale of my real and personal property shall be held by my executor as Trustee and loaned out and all the interest received on same shall be paid annually to my said wife during her natural life, and the remaining two-thirds (2-3) shall be paid as follows:  Five Dollars ($5.00) to my grand-daughter Evana Working, daughter of my son Samuel Garn, Dec’d, which sum shall be in full of her entire interest in my estate. After said Five Dollars has been paid my said grand-daughter all remaining shall be paid and I will and devise same to my children John W. – David, – James P., – Martin, – Joshua, – Mandus E., – Benjamin F., – George W. and my daughter Sarah E. Weirman and grand-daughter Jessie Garn, daughter of my son Aaron, deceased, my said children and my said grand-daughter Jessie Garn sharing each alike, that is they shall be paid the same amounts, except that my said grand-
daughter shall receive $94.00 less than my said children I having made an advancement of said Ninety four dollars, and on the death of my said wife the one third (1-3) held in trust for her benefit shall be paid by my executor to my said nine children now living and my said grand-daughter Jessie Garn equally, share and share alike. the reason I only will Evana Working Five Dollars is that during her
father’s life time I paid him in advance his full interest in my estate.

Item 3rd – I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Benjamin Garn, Executor of this my last will and testament, granting, authorizing and empowering him with full and ample power to sell all my personal property and all my real estate which is all in Marshall County, State of Indiana. My said Executor is authorized to sell all my real estate at private sale, or in such a manner, upon such terms of credit or otherwise as he may deem best and execute and deliver to the purchaser deeds in fee simple and he is further empowered to hold all my real estate in trust for the benefit of my said wife and said (9) nine living children and grand-child Jessie Garn until he can effect the sale of said real estate and all the rents received there from after paying taxes, repairs and Trustee’s services shall be sold and one third paid to my wife and the remaining two thirds divided equally between my nine now living children above named and my grand-daughter Jessie Garn and on the sale of my real estate my Executor shall divide the proceeds as directed in Item 2nd.

I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony hereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of March 1889 at Plymouth, Indiana Abraham Garn (seal)

Signed and acknowledged by said Abraham Garn as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence and at his request.

Washington Kelley Amasa Johnson

Click here to see parents:  John Garn and Susan Smith

Susannah Garn     

Birth: 02 DEC 1815 Bedford City, St. Clair Twp, Pennsylvania

Name Var: Martin Garn’s death record shows her name as being Hannah.  Other records show it as being Susan.

Death: 11 JAN 1866 Burr Oak, Marshall Co., Indiana

Burial:  Burr Oak Cemetery Culver, Marshall County, Indiana, USA

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