Birth:  22 JAN 1778  Frederick Co, Maryland

Birth of Daughter:  1796
Name:  Margaret Garn

Birth of Son:  08 DEC 1798
Name:  Jacob Garn
Note:  Date is calculated from his age at death on his grave marker. Some records passed to family members suggest that he was born on 4 June 1798.

Birth of Daughter:  26 OCT 1801
Name:  Elizabeth Garn

Birth of Son:  13 DEC 1802
Name:  Daniel Garn

Birth of Daughter:  13 JUL 1804
Name:  Mary A. Garn

Birth of Son:  05 MAY 1807
Name:  John Garn

Birth of Son:  19 MAR 1809
Name:  Joseph Garn

Birth of Son:  07 JAN 1811
Name:  David Garn

Birth of Son:  17 FEB 1814
Name:  Martin Garn

Birth of Daughter:  02 DEC 1815
Name:  Susannah Garn

Birth of Son:  01 MAY 1819
Name:  Philip James Garn

Death:  27 JUL 1833
Note: Books on the Garn family by Philip Graham Garn (1985) report that John was clearing slate rock on his property one day when he pulled back a piece of slate that had a rattlesnake under it. The snake bit him and John died from the effects of the venom.

Buried:  McDonald Farm Cemetery, Bedford Co, Pennsylvania
Note: The McDonald Farm Cemetery has three grave markers. Only one, that of John Garn (1738-1808), has an inscription. It is believed that the two other markers were for Margaret, the wife of John Garn (1738-1808), and for their son John Garn (1778-1833).

Click here to see parents:  John Garn and Margaret Seyn

Susan Cable

Birth:  ABT 1778 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania

Note: Susan went to Ohio with family members after John’s death.

Death:  1840  Sandusky, Ohio

parents are John Martin Cable and Mary Christiana Ripley

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Note:  Early genealogies compiled on the Garn family reported that Susan’s surname was Pringle. This has been proven to be wrong and probably occurred because two of her older sisters married Pringle men and Susan was thought to have lived with one of the families as a child.

Susan’s parents were John Martin Cable, AKA Martin John Cable, and Mary Christina Ripley. A power of attorney document, found in the records of Montgomery County, Ohio, establishes that Susan, the wife of John Garn, was the daughter of Martin Cable.

No grave has been found and documented for Susan. Prior to her husband’s death, several of their children had already moved to Sandusky County, Ohio. Shortly after his death most of their children were living there and family records show that Susan went to Ohio with the rest of the family after her husband died. She undoubtedly lived with one or another of the children and may have been buried in a family plot on land owned by one of the children. However, around six years before her death, a son-in-law, David Klotz or Klutz, was buried in Metzgar Cemetery (1882 History of Sandusky County History, p. 746). And a grandson, Josiah Garn, was buried there in 1835 according to transcripts of grave marker inscriptions at Metzgar Cemetery that were recorded in 1976 and may be found at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library in Fremont, Ohio. Therefore, it seems most likely that Susan would have been buried in the same cemetery as family members and that her grave is one of those unmarked graves in the cemetery or perhaps even one with a grave marker that has an illegible inscription.

Birth and death dates given above come from traditions passed to descendants.  – Lynn Garn