Birth: 16 APR 1665  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Town Clerk:  1690, 1691, 1692 and 1694

Marriage: 10 Nov 1692   Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Military:  Captain John Chandler was a member of Connecticut State Militia, Commander of the 3rd. Connecticut Regiment.

Selectman: 1693, 1694

Occupation:  1693
Details:  Had a tavern license
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 10 AUG 1693
Name:  John Chandler
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 09 FEB 1696
Name:  Joshua Chandler
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 03 NOV 1698
Name:  William Chandler
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 20 APR 1700
Name:  Mary Chandler
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 13 MAY 1702
Name:  Elizabeth Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut  (Woodstock then being in Massachusetts)

Occupation: 1703
Details:  Surveyor
Place:  Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 05 JAN 1704
Name:  Samuel Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 11 OCT 1705
Name:  Sarah Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 10 AUG 1707
Name:  Mehitable Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 23 JUL 1709
Name:  Thomas Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Deputy to the General Court: 1711
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 27 MAR 1711
Name:  Hannah Chandler
Place: Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

2nd Marriage: 14 NOV 1717  to Esther Butman, widow of Palgrave Alcock

Note:  13 JUL 1731
Details:  When the county of Worcester was established, he held the first probate court in the meeting house.

Note: AUG 1731
Details:  Held the court of common pleas and general sessions.  Held his position as judge of two of these tribunals until his death.  He was for forth years a commissioner of the peace and was seven years in his Majesty’s council.

Death: 10 MAY 1740  Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut
Details: Buried next to his father.  Over his remains is a flat stone 3′ x 6′ near a brick wall without any inscription.  This is perhaps in obedience to the following provision in his will, “Item as to my body, I will that it be buried in the burying place in Woodstock near to my deceased wife, Mary, and two of my children and my deceased father in case I die in or near Woodstock.  But, if I die elsewhere, in the nearest burying yard and in the most private manner and with the least expense that may be.”

Will:  Extracts from the Will of Hon. John Chandler.

I John Chandler of Woodstock, In the County of Worcester, Esq. being now in a Good Degree of Health and of Sound Memory and Judgement, Do make this my Last Will and Testament In manner following.

I Willingly and Cheerfully resign my Soul to God who gave it whenever he shall, in his Over Ruling Providence think fit to put and End to my Life in this World, hoping to obtain foregiveness from him of all my Sins through the mediation of his Son, Jesus Christ, who hath Redeemed his True followers from Death unto Life into whose Kingdom I hope to be Recieved as a true Penitent, notwithstanding my unworthiness thro. God’s Infinite Mercy at the Resurrection of the Small and Great.

as to my Body, I will that it be Buried In the Burying place In Woodstock near to my Deced wife Mary, and two of my Children and my Dece Father in Case I Die in or near Woodstock, but, if I die Elsewhere, in the nearest Burying Yard and in the most private manner and with the Least expense that may be. And as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life (my just Debts and funeral Expenses, of all Sorts being Truly paid and Discharged) 1 give Demise and Dispose of the same as followeth.

Imprimis. I give and Bequeath unto Esther my Dearly Beloved wife (if she Survives me) During her being my widow, the West End of my Dwelling House above and Below to Dwell in with Egress and Regress and suitable yard room and Garden Room and necessary use of the well and Bakehouse with the Sole use and Improvement of my Ten acres of Land on the East Side of the highway adjoining to the Land of Nathaniel Sanger. Also the West End of my New Barn (so called) with suitable Yard Room and free passage to the Same and one side of orchard adjoining, also two beds and furniture at her Election and all the Other Goods She brought with her at our marriage, that are yet in being or the Value thereof being Esteemed one hundred pounds. Also twenty pounds in Bills of public Credit or Equivalent to be provided and paid by my Exec”, for her, support, the first year after my Decease, and Ten pounds pr. annum every year after, Besides Ten Cords of woo d (cut short) per annum from the time of my Decease, Also Two Cows and my Bay mare, but if it please God that She shall marry again, I give and Bequeath unto her and her heirs forever the movable Goods she brought with her or 100 pounds in Bills of Public Credit of the Old Tenor in Lieu thereof at her Election, and also the Sum of Three Hundred and fifty pounds in Bills of Credit of Old Tenor as aforesaid or the Value thereof to be paid in the space of Twelve months after such marriage. The above named to be in Lieu of her Dower or thirds of and in my Estate, always provided that my Estate suffer no loss on account of an obligation of mine made to Joshua Lamb, Esq. Relating to the estate of Mr. Palsgrave Alcock, late of Roxbury Decd and provided also that my said wife shall make no other challenge or Demand to my Estate or my part thereof by any way or means whatsoever.

Item. That the Surplussage herein Before Granted or herein after Dispossd of, or the true Value thereof be divided among my children, that is to say John, Joshua, William, Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mehitable or Such as may represent them-first Deducting from Either of them (Samuel and Mehitable only excepted) so much as they have Respectively recd in equal Shares and not otherwise.

Which upon the most Serious Reflections Relating to the Circumstances of my family and what I have done for such of them, I Judge to be Just and Equitable-Further my Will is that my Son Samuel shall have, hold and Enjoy my Homestead – Lying on both sides of the Way, with the Edifices, Buildings and fences, to be to him and his heirs and assigns forever. he to allow Three Thousand pounds for the Same and no more In Consideration of his great Prudence, Industry and Dutiful Behaviour and application in my Business ever Since his arrival to the age of Twenty one years and that he shall not be obliged to allow anything for the use of the same, Saving the annual provision herein before made for the Support of my wife, during her being my Widow, he providing for her annual support as per these presents is provided, and also that he pay unto ye four children of my Decd Daughter Mary McCoy, the sum of four pounds, which I hereby give and Bequeath unto them to be Equally Divided among them at their arrival at the age of Twenty one years Respectively And, if any of them shall die Before the time of payment, then ye Said four pounds to be Equally Divided Between the Survivors or Survivor, which Sd Sum of 4pounds with what I formerly Gave to my Sd Daughter Mary, and have Since Done for Some of her children, amounts, in my opinion, to ye full Share or Child’s portion of my Estate.

Item. My Will is that my Son John shall have my Lands Lying at a place Called Housatonock Containing 1000 acres at what it shall be apprised, he to allow for it accordingly in the Distribution of my estate to be to him, his heirs, assigns for ever. And, whereas I have Settled my Son Joshua upon a Tract of Land Containing 268 acres, as by Deed duly executed in the Law, Bearing Date the fifth Day of December 1726 may appear, which Because he hath wrought for me Some years after he came to man’s Estate was then Reckoned to him at the sum of l8O pounds and for which Sd Sum I have his Bond.

Also my Will is that my Exec* or Exec advance and pay unto my Daughter Mehitable, so much of her portion as he or they conveniently can or may, as Soon after my Decease as her occasion may require or call for; but it is not my Interest that a full Distribution of my Estate be made until the Space of Two Years be Expired from and after the Decease of my wife. In Case She dies my Widow or, If she shall marry again, then not until three years after her marriage.

I make and Ordain my well-beloved Sons, Samuel Chandler and Thomas Chandler to be Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, and I cheerfully confide in their prudence and faithfulness to Execute my true Intent in this my Last Will and Testament, and I hereby Revoke and make null and void all Wills, Testaments and Bequests, whatsoever by me heretofore made, and I do hereby Declare these presents to be and contain my only Last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal in Woodstock, this Twenty fifth Day of July in the fourteenth year of his Majestyes Reign. Anno Domini 1740.

Click here to see parents:   John Chandler and Elizabeth Douglas

Mary Raymond  

Birth: 12 MAR 1671/72  New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Death:  08 APR 1711 Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut
Inscription:  Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary Chandler, wife to Captain John Chandler Esq.aged 39 years.  Died April y 8th 1711.

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